The Fellowship At Elias Mall


On 24th May 2012(Thur), ten members – including myself – of the fellowship descended upon Elias Mall in the evening to celebrate Dr Mike’s elevated social status to ‘maternal grandfather!’ and recently being knighted a Chevalier of Confrérie du Sabre d’Or. Congratulations on your double joy Dr Mike!

This is the third time that the fellowship is dropping by. It’s almost two years ago they last visited. Since I live nearby, I naturally assume the role of host. Hey they are coming over to my territory. Of course I’m delighted to welcome them by playing host. It’s an honour indeed.

Dr Mike as the leader of the fellowship sent out email to all members. As usual, not all could attend. Our social gatherings and events don’t usually score 100% attendance due to work commitments or they could be out of town. It’s usually well attended or lukewarm. Even that pipe show organized last year, we only had nearly 100% attendance.

On my part, I alerted some of my friends at Elias Mall namely Douglas, Taxi Ong, Simon, Paul and the rest. As expected, some could not make it due to shift work or prior appointment.

Slightly after 7pm, Dr Mike and Avril made their appearance followed by Alec Molloy, Alec Ee, Ignatius etc The coffee shop assistant Helen immediately put a bigger table top since I told her we expecting more visitors. I was earlier having some beer with Taxi Ong.




When I introduced Taxi Ong to him, Dr Mike seemed quite curious to meet the subject of my recent blog. Read here.

Once we were settled, things started moving. Dr Mike as usual brought along his goodies bag with his ‘war chest’ of tobacco, pipes and cigars galore! He was prepared to share with all of us especially those heartlanders here to commemorate his recently elevated status. We were so delighted with his generosity just like cheerful kids taken for candy treats.

I quickly helped Alec Molloy to get his chicken rice dinner fixed since he came after work and was hungry. Next, I ordered some local Indian rojak to go with the beer.

That night, we consumed lots of beer with Freddie, Ignatius, Taxi Ong and myself chipping in. Our only Malay member Ismail also ordered a huge mutarbak for all of us. The chicken wings by Ignatius were just as great.




With an abundance of cigars around, delicious local food and free flow of beer who would say that we didn’t have a wonderful time? When other members and friends turned up later, they had to sit elsewhere since our table was filled up.

Douglas and Ronnie Wong were most delighted to meet up with Dr Mike to catch up in the latest pipe and tobacco trends. In fact, Dr Mike displayed his few giant pipes – mother of all pipes for all of us to admire. Sunny the staunch Tibetan Buddhist came over to say hello to Dr Mike and the rest. He was duly given a baby cigar. He returned to his friends grinning happily with his ‘windfall!’

Generally, the fellowship led by Dr Mike was warmly received at Elias Mall – the HDB new town heartlanders; reflection of a typical local lifestyle and cross section of Singapore. It will be a much more splendid event if only our affiliates from the main German fellowship could also join us here. Our German friends are always on our minds even as we are world’s apart! The next time round, we will get them here! Bodo, Heinz and Joerg hope you hear this!

From my observation, Dr Mike was most glad that Alec Ee and Professor Steve accepted his sincere invitation to come. The next day, he msg me to declare his joy that ‘we are again reunited!’ within the fellowship.

Professor Steve was in his usual self in high spirits with jokes galore. He was entertaining every one with his witticism. Alec Ee was catching up with Ismail and Douglas on another table. My neighbour Johnny was with him. Simon was also around them.

As with all enjoyable events, time flies. Freddie and few others had relunctantly left earlier, notably Simon was on night shift. He’s the Chief Controller of Cicle Line and had to run off early. It’s a pity that he could not drink with us that night.

All of a sudden in the midst of our merriment, we realized that it’s already 11.30pm. It’s about time to bid farewell till we meet again. What an enjoyable fun evening in a typical HDB coffee shop setting. We look forward to another visit by the fellowship.

Our heartlander Taxi Ong enjoying the company of the fellowship.


The young ones. My childhood friend Paul’s – above photo – daughter and her future hubby next table.

Our accomplished photographer Alec Ee and equally accomplished published author Professor Steve enjoying their smokes.


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