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I’m just an ordinary Train Officer working in SMRT. My first job was a police officer from 1983 to 1994. After I left the police, I joined SMRT from 1995. It’s coming to 17 yrs. I’m quite satisfied with my current status quo.

I did blog about my job aspects here. I have yet to blog about my police job aspects. But if you look at some of the blog posts, I did mention a little here and there. In this post I touched on my investigation experience whilst attached to Bedok Police station.

Most of my colleagues and friends are aware that I could write quite well. Whenever they need help on official correspondence or petition, they just look for me. I have samples of memos to most government depts or statutory boards. I just change their particulars with slight alterations and an official memo is ready. Usually it’s an appeal letter against a fine or summons. Success rate is quite high.

When I reply to friends’ email, I usually write my own personal views, comments etc. I’m also a member of a German pipe forum where I used to put up articles and write-up.

That caught the eye of Dr Mike Loh. I got to know him in mid 2009, by an act of accident in JB whilst shopping at Jusco. We became good friends. Dr Mike Loh is a seasoned blogger and an accomplished author of 7 books. He was always exhorting me to blog until I relented.

Last Oct 2011, I began my blogging journey. Everyday, there is a post published either from my friends’ email, internet, previous articles or whatever issues of the day. There are all kinds of posts in my blog : Jokes, anecdotes, Chinese idioms or current issues; contents are varied.

I try to be fair and objective though sometimes I may wander off line into unknown territory. That’s when Dr Mike would counsel me and pull me back. He’s usually the first to read my posts. Sometimes, he would msg me to give advice and comments. My blog is exposed meaning that means I could be traced and identified. So I got to be careful. Freedom of speech does not give one the license to attack or criticize wantonly.

There are many reasons why people blog. Bookjunkie gave 15 reasons.. The most important reason I feel is self satisfaction especially when you highlight an event or some grave injustice and it got vindicated or rectified.

The next important reason is that by writing frequently I actually improve my writing skill tremendously. Many words I could not spell correctly or lost touch suddenly came flowing back. I’m now more fluent than before. It’s become like second nature to me. Practice makes perfect holds some truth here. Write to stay mentally sharp and alert. It’s a form of catharsis.

Lastly, I made lots of cyber friends by blogging. Most of them I have not met but we keep in regular contacts via email, Whatsapp and blog comments. Nicknames or User IDs such as Ape, Agongkia, Patriot, Aunty Lucie, Dr Toothfully, Darkness2012 and many others are regular commenters on my blog. They keep me churning out more interesting articles to entertain them. We discuss them under comments section. Most of my colleagues are also my followers. Sometimes, they would just ask me what’s my tomorrow post? Click here for some comments from my readers.

There are two particular blog posts I would like to highlight. “SMRT Train Officer” post was written during last Dec train crises. It went viral garnering more than 15,000 hits. Everyone was curious about the train driver and his job aspects. It was also written around that time when trains stopped functioning for the first time. It never happened before. Those days were tense and the mood of the public was explosive. Nevertheless, they were curious of the person operating behind the train.

Next it’s a simple straightforward article – Is this my Singapore? My home and my country? That article touches the raw nerves of most Singaporeans. Within three days, it crossed 150,000 hits. Comments within three days hit more than 300 after which I closed all comments. There would be much more comments if I didn’t close it early. It’s still my best seller post on my blog. I was shocked that that article spun out of control penetrating every nook and cranny of cyberspace! At least ten netizens cut and paste the link on PM’s FB.

Within a short span of eight months, my blog “Gintai_昇泰” hits more than 316,000 page views. I did not aim for this blog award. It was never my desire or wish for any blog award. It’s my cyber friend Alvinology who nominated my blog “Gintai_昇泰” for consideration. I didn’t know there is such an award. I just left it as it is. Out of the blue, I got an email from omy telling me that I’m one of top 10 finalists in a category. What a surprise and an honour!

Even if I do not clinch this top award, I still feel honoured for the recognition. I believe there are many more better and articulate bloggers out there in blogosphere. Some of them like Dr Toothfully, Redbean, Dotseng, Tatler, AuntLucie, Bookjunkie, Alvinology etc etc (can’t name all) are much better than me. I’m just a novice compared to those veterans. It truly humbled me.

Subject: Congratulations, you’re a Finalist in Singapore Blog Awards 2012! – SOLD.SG Best What-The-Hell Blog category

Dear Gintai,

Congratulations! You have struck out other participants with your blogging skills and emerge as one of the top ten finalists in the SOLD.SG Best What-The-Hell Blog category of Singapore Blog Awards 2012!


Now that you have passed the first round, it’s time to RALLY FOR VOTES! The overall winner for each category will be determined by a combination of public votes (30%) and scoring by a panel of professional judges (70%), so yes, the votes do count!

Swooshing off,
Janet Ong
On behalf of the Singapore Blog Awards Team


E-Interview questions from omy

1. How do you feel about being one of finalists in Singapore Blog Awards 2012?
I’m overwhelmed. I was shock and surprised to be even considered for the blog award let alone top 10 finalists!

2. When did you start blogging and what drew you to it? Where do you get inspiration for your blog content?
I started blogging from 20/10/2011. Basically I like to share good interesting jokes, anecdotes and observations with others. If I come across something interesting or issue of the day, I will blog and share with the wider audience out there in the cyberworld. I enjoy engaging with like minded readers in the thrusts and parry of debate on my blog’s comment section. I’ve learnt much from them especially from Darkness2012. My life experiences and perspectives are enriched due these exchanges which may not necessarily in sync with mine.

3. How do you feel about the other Finalists in your category this year? How do you think you will fare compared to them?
I think the others are equally as good in their own unique ways. They must be good to be nominated for consideration. I’m about 49 years old, I think I’m the oldest among them. It seems ludicrous that an old man should be competing against those much younger new social media savvy youngsters.

4. Give a reason why readers should visit your blog and vote for you?
I can’t promise my blog readers the moon or a rose garden. But I will give my reader some nice entertainment or learning value each time he or she drops by. Like I ever mentioned before “Gintai_昇泰” is public property. It’s free for all. You may copy or use any of my articles or participate in my blog with your views / comments. Having an appreciative spontaneous audience is my biggest satisfaction. I do not ask for more in return.

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