Ah Yat Restaurant @Mohd Sultan Rd


Last Sat, my mother, brother and myself had a belated Mother’s Day dinner at Ah Yat Restaurant, Mohd Sultan Road off River Valley Road.

Actually we brought our mother to the Hong Kong Street Restaurant at second floor of Elias Mall two weeks ago. Just last week when my brother came across the “Groupon” website where it offers deals of all kinds. It’s one of those websites offering mega discounts where you pay online and use the coupon to purchase for goods or pay for your meal.


My brother booked a eight course dinner at Ah Yat Restaurant for us via Groupon. He asked me if I was working last Sat. I told him it was my off day. Straightaway he booked it online at $105. The actual price was $348++ To him it’s an irresistible deal.

When we arrived there with the print out coupon, the whole place was fully occupied. We had to sit outside without the air-con. Dinner was set at 7pm. After the dinner, we paid extra $8 for the napkin, nuts and taxes.

I only like the pumpkin shark fin soup. It’s so delicious with extremely thick slices of shark fin – soft tender and crunchy taste. I had not eaten such a rare delicious shark fin. We all enjoy this delicacy so much! It’s a big bowl but we seemed not to have enough of it.











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7 Responses to Ah Yat Restaurant @Mohd Sultan Rd

  1. agongkia says:

    S$105 for above item for 3 person is quite reasonable to me for eating at a restaurant but is not consider cheap if I talk about the shown quantity.
    And biscuit cannot be considered as one dish to me.First time I saw.Really Ah YAT.
    If its me,maybe I will return the 6 pieces of biscuits for S$13.00(S$105/8) ,provided no one around^^.hehe..(or maybe you took the photo after finishing many biscuits?)

    But what touches me is not the food.
    I am touch by both of you who specially brought your mum for such dinner.It is getting rare to see children taking their parents for dinner or outing nowadays.Either they are busy or that they dun feel comfortable going out with their own parent and spent some time with them.Occasionally you may see some but those are usually young men bringing their future in laws just to secure a marriage and please his girl friend or wife.
    I know of many elders who are hoping for their children to bring them out or either visit them for a simple meal.Even just for a while.

    Keep it up.Treasure every moment with our love one.Especially our parents.I salute you.
    Oops ,before I forget,maybe you can cut down on consumption of shark fins.

    • Thks for the compliments. The biscuits are extra. If you include that, it will be 9 instead of 8 dishes! But I love shark fin. That is my favourite. If there is no shark fin, I won’t go there for lunch or dinner. Might as well eat in the coffee shop or hawker centre. Langgar.

      • Hum Yee says:

        I hope someone cut off your arms and legs and throw you into the ocean and let you drown.

        • Oh that is bad. I hope that someone won’t come to that.

        • Hum Sup says:

          Hum Yee is another one of those cowards hiding behind the anonymity of the Net to take pot shots at people whose choices are dissimilar to their own; victims of western and western-influenced activists who tell Asians what to eat while they gorge on veal, which, in case brain-deprived slugs like Hum Yee, need some enlightenment, is the meat of newly born calves barely able to stand on their own two feet. Hum Yee should get the facts about sharks right before condemning someone’s culinary preferences and cultural norms. (Which species is endangered, which is not, what does CITES say, etc. Come on, fish & chips is not made with saba, for Christ’s sake, duh!) Hum Yee is the gullible type who would smear camel semen on his/her own face and even feed it to their babies if that bandwagon is the now-fashionable one to jump into. Hum Yee, get a LIFE, will you? And let Gintai eat whatever he wants. For your own sake I hope you eat only fruits otherwise you are nothing but just one big hypocrite!

  2. Looks pretty decent for $100+, but certainly not reasonable at the original price of $300+.

    • Toothfully,
      There is set dinner menu for 6 pax at $199 with Alaska Crab thrown in. I think that one is value for money. BTW, all the waitresses there are very young in their early 20s, sexy and nubile PRCs. Very efficient and professional too. Just can’t avoid them. Once you step out if your flat, bound to meet them one way or the other. What to expect when have 3 million citizens vs 2 million foreigners? Langgar!

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