Yesterday @1.00pm, I received an sms thread from an unknown guy/gal whilst I was busy at home getting ready to report for work at 2.15pm.

It is re-produced here. Went something like this …

X: Hello
Me: Yes?
X: U know me?
Me: I don’t know u.
X: Nvr mind….
Me: Ok.
X: U r one of d night rider!
Me: Lol! Night rider ?
X: Saw yr pic lor…
Me: Thks.



After that, nothing heard from that mysterious person for the rest of the day. Why would anyone just want to say “Hello” to me and then ask if I know him or her? How would you expect me to know when that number is not in my contact list and that person refusing to identify?

Is it weird or rude? What’s the hidden message? Why afraid to identify yourself? Up till now I’m still unsure if it’s a bolt or a nut?


Assuming that it’s a loose nut, why is it running away from me? Why made contact in the first place if you are not sure of what you want? Really langgar!


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7 Responses to Hello!

  1. agongkia says:

    Hehe..Nothing unusual lah.I receive such sms too.2 possibilities.
    Possibility 1
    Special Agent interested in getting to know me.As for you,Ex IO should be smart enough to handle them.
    Possibility 2
    Chiobu trying to strike conversation and get to know me with some intention.
    Whatever the case,no harm meeting if she is a Chiobu because handling and beoing Chiobus is my only hobby.It always ended up they giving me a treat and I got free supper.
    For you,if you meet up with Chiobu,ensure you CHECK on her IC and make sure she is above 18 lor.

  2. What if she refuses to let me check her NRIC? It’s better not to have anything to do with her. If you get involved with her thinking that she is above 18 yes old (She looks mature and older than 18 yrs), then you kena trapped. No matter how much tears you shed or how you plead for mercy – it will never let you get away from being charged in court! The law and the enforcer only protect the gal notwithstanding her status or position ie she could be soliciting but that’s not important in the eyes of the law. The important thing is that you didn’t check her NRIC! KNN!

  3. Interesting… might be some kind of code?

    Somewhat related – what do you do if you want to update your phone book? Someone you haven’t contacted for a long time but didn’t know if that person has changed number.

    I don’t want to reveal too much of myself so my sms usually go something like this – ‘Hi, phonebook update. Are you so-and-so? I’m ape. We know each other in… if you are so-and-so, please reply with your surname (or anything we can identify with)’

  4. I did tell the sender I dont know her. That sender didn’t want to identify. Langgar!

  5. Anonymous says:

    Did u leave yr hp number openly on your blog? From Nora Ng

  6. L says:

    the important question here is: are you a night rider??? wahahha!!

  7. Hi Nora,
    Maybe someone I know changed his hp nos and playing a fool with me. L, I dont know what ‘night rider’ really meant. I only only there are buses after midnite known as NR or night riders! Lol!

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