Angry Singaporean scolds PM Lee on Facebook: You SUCK!

Welcome to blogosphere PM Lee. Hope you will enjoy it here! It’s a ‘cowboy town’ bordering on the ‘lunatic fringe!’


Since Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong set up his personal Facebook page one week ago, it has been inundated by numerous complaints from ordinary Singaporeans as well as words of support and praises from the immigrants and foreigners who remain in ‘awe’ of the Singapore government.

While PM Lee has been updating his page frequently, he is unlikely to have time to read through the hundreds of comments posted by his fans and detractors unlike daily including this comment posted by a visibly angry Singaporean Edmund Khor today:

“PM Lee, I think you and your government has done a shitty job. Stagnant wages, escalating cost of living, overcrowding, crumbling transportation system, and the poor are stucked in a vicious cycle.”

Edmund Khor added that the quality of life for Singaporeans have deteriorated for the past few years:

“The quality of life for ordinary Singaporeans has deteriorated over the past 8…

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2 Responses to Angry Singaporean scolds PM Lee on Facebook: You SUCK!

  1. patriot says:

    Sin has plenty of angry local citizens, what we are seeing is but just some brave ones now. There are much angst and misery in the people like molten lava waiting to explode. The consequences will be ugly.


  2. Patroit,
    I foresee ‘Bersih’ coming soon if the situation worsens further. Yawning Bread’s latest article is sobering indeed. He may be right. Those in power still don’t get it. They are still inside their ivory towers. Too hubristic to admit their failures. Really langgar dah.

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