Haus of Yuene

Even newly married young graduates have to struggle with HDB rising costs. Hear from a local graduate how she felt about our HDB policy. Her experience in buying HDB flat and struggle to set up home. That is a typical Singaporean couple’s preoccupation with a HDB flat. What about those non graduates? It’s even worse for those non graduates.


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5 Responses to Haus of Yuene

  1. patriot says:

    When upgrading is done and or confirmed, prices of properties within the precinct naturally will enhance in value, this is understandable.

    HOWEVER, all over Sin, be it in the Urban, Sub-urban or ulu ulu corners, property prices had escalated. Despite falling birth rate and less Sinkies getting married in the last 20 to 30 years, meaning there SHOULD BE less Singaporeans applying for public housing, why was/is public housing falling short of catering to the public on top of the rise in prices??? How is it that demand becomes more than supply?

    There are over 80 Members in the Parliament, some of them certainly must be able to explain
    to Singaporeans the reason(s) to the Above.


  2. estate agent says:

    The HDB market is a bubble – one that is desired by the PAP govt who claim anything otherwise would be “raiding the reserves”. Really shameless bullshitters.

  3. Patriot,
    The HDB is the biggest landlord in tiny Sg. They set the prices. Market or no market it all depends on them. Who are we to say or decide cuz we are at the mercy of the monopoly just like the PTOs. Like it or not you still got to depend on them.
    Dont forget that in the early yrs, the PAP won great support from the people cuz they able to provide cheap housing. There was no issue at all. Then slowly that changed. They tweeted the rules to extract the maximum out of the people ensuring that almost all your working life you will be slaved to the system! You and me have lived long enough and have seen thru the system and we know what we are talking about. It will soon come to a breaking point like all things should if it’s forced to the extreme! Sigh !

  4. patriot says:

    Let us see if the Parliamentarians can offer us some
    good credible reason and or explanation.

    Thank You Folks for the fast responses.


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