Housing issue: A short reply to Minister Tan Chuan Jin who replied to Blogger Gintai aka Langgar

Excellent rebuttal and counter argument to highlight the plight of our local citizens still struggling with the twin evils of stagnant wages and sky high rising housing prices. Just a template reply simply won’t explain away the frustrations of a new generation of Singaporeans feel left out of this so called “Singapore Dream!” Self denial will lead us to nowhere.

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Please read gintai blog here and Minister Tan reply here before reading this rant although I would put it pass you that this is entirely legible and intelligible on its own.

Many PRs own big and nice property in their home countries and yet they are allowed by buy HDBs even though it is against the regulations. There is no way of verifying this with so many PRs around. Some houses are owned by their parents or using companies and trusts. I have said this before, govt should consider a capital gains tax for PRs who sell their HDB and ship out or a lesser capital tax if they upgrade to private property. Perhaps no tax to be levied if they purchase another HDB flat.

Another point, the possible reason why Anak Abu (again read gintai and minister) wants to so call stretch himself, as noted by Minister, and buy a…

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One Response to Housing issue: A short reply to Minister Tan Chuan Jin who replied to Blogger Gintai aka Langgar

  1. L says:

    sometimes i wonder what is the role of a politician in singapore…. to defend govt policies at all cost? or to provide feedback to the top from the ground to help your fellow countrymen?? in the 70s 80s its the latter.. nowadays, i not so sure….. this is sad….sighh

    imho, yes, we cant please everyone…. but every single fellow singaporean’s problem as long as he/she is my fellow singaporean, is one problem worth solving…. rules and policies are made my man. it can be changed by man… the system should not be so rigid that entraps ppl…

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