No Fit All Policy 決永遠不可能讓所有人滿意





嫂洗澡,弟誤入 。

嫂斥道:你這樣做對得起你哥嗎 ?

弟羞,欲走 。

嫂曰:你這樣走對得起我嗎 ?

弟站住 。


—MBA 管理點評:決策永遠不可能讓所有人滿意!

My brief translation …

A guy accidentally wandered into the bathroom where his sister in law taking showers.

SIL: You have done an unforgivable sin against your brother.

That guy was stunned and wanted to leave immediately.

SIL: You are not doing me a favour by just going away like that!

That guy was shocked and stood there in silence not knowing what to do.

SIL: If you keep standing there, you are doing yourself a great disfavour!

No matter what that guy did, the sister in law will not be appeased! Whether to take advantage, to leave or just stay put in that awkward situation elicits contradictory rebukes!

Moral: Whatever policy will not appease all.

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6 Responses to No Fit All Policy 決永遠不可能讓所有人滿意

  1. Lucy says:

    Why, got warning is it?

  2. Ms Lim says:

    This is easy, do what is right. Leave the damn bathroom. If the man claims not to know what is right (in other words, pleasing the SIL is also right), then he must be a small child in the brain. Are our Ministers so small in the brain?

  3. Is it a case of honey entrapment just like the case of the “little cobra?” trying to seduce that guy by leaving the door unlocked and then pushing the guilt to him? Shld the guy not scolded the SIL for her callousness? The brother of that guy shld be alerted of her lasciviousness and need to be counseled rather than protected.

    Hahaha! It’s just a scenario and a joke. If it is read in its original Chinese with all the sarcasm and challenges by the SIL, its impact is felt. The translation lost some of its favour. Thks for your contribution.

  4. kinjioleaf says:

    The man will do what his principles guide him to. In the eyes of others, personified by the SIL, there will be criticisms.

    If I’m the man, I’ll say ‘Damn it. My bro’s a lucky dog. Time to find myself a bitch’ and walk out.’ :p

  5. L says:

    if its just one or 2 persons making noise.. maybe its true that u cant please everyone… but what happens if everyone is making noise? surely it means there is something seriously wrong with you and self-reflection is due….

    as the saying goes: you can fool EVERYone SOMEtimes, you can fool SOMEone EVERYtime but you cant fool EVERYone EVERYtime!!

  6. blurrbl0ck says:

    Reblogged this on blurrbl0ck and commented:
    Everyone got their own perspective. No choice. Humans are not made the same.

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