Unity is Strength


Once upon a time on a large tree lived a wise crow happily with lots of other birds. They all lived in harmony.

One day the wise crow saw a hunter throw his net below the tree and spread grains on it. He knew that it was meant to catch the birds in that area. He immediately flew around warning all his friends to stay away.

However he did not see a flock of white doves descending happily from the skies above straight on top of the trap laid by the hunter.


The hungry doves ate the grains but when they wanted to fly away, they found that they had been trapped. When they couldn’t free themselves, they started fluttering about in panic.

Hearing the noise, the hunter rushed towards the net gleefully, hopefully to net a big catch. Seeing the hunter in the distance, the doves were desperate.


Seeing their plight, the wise crow flew towards them and said, “Listen to me and I can save you. If you all flap your wings at the same time, then you will be able to fly with the net.”


The doves flapped their wings hard in unison and before long they were able to fly up into the sky with the net. The hunter watched in dismay as the doves made good their escape.

Moral: There is great strength in unity.



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