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For the past few months I was troubled by my almost 8 year-old boneshaker. I had noticed that it was losing speed and power. When I stepped on the accelerator even to the the fullest, it did not seem to be moving fast. Lethargic and no pick up at all. Langgar !

Then about a month ago, there was loud sound when I started the engine. The sound was so loud that it sounded like those F1 racing cars on the grand prix. The sound got worst and worst just like those racing cars – boommmmming! My colleagues joked that the sound was good no need modification to get that F1 racing sound!

It definitely will fail under LTA’s strict inspection which is due in Sep 2012.

My brother used to drive the car almost every weekend. I hardly used it. It’s an OPC red plate car. Most of the time I move around on my small reliable bike. We decided that it must be the exhaust giving the problem.

My brother had the car checked at the SPC petrol station near to the Police Post at Pasir Ris Dr 6. The mechanic informed him that the exhaust pipe is corroded and need to be replaced. He would enquire about the exhaust and let my brother know. The mechanic did not get back to him after two weeks.

As usual, I asked my colleagues with cars about the exhaust problem. There are at least two or three parts to the entire exhaust pipe. The extreme end square shape is the muffler or silencer which I had replaced last year. My regular mechanic had to order it from Korea and it took nearly 3 mths for it to arrive. It cost me $340 including installation. The local agent Komoco did not have that exhaust silencer part.

It seems that the pipe section was corroded, can’t be the silencer at the extreme end. One colleague suggested ‘Pioneer Exhaust’ at Bedok Industrial Park behind the Bedok Fire Station. I was there last week on a Sat after 3pm. I was told they no longer did car exhaust pipe. They only do car paint job even though the signboard clearly stated ‘Pioneer Exhaust.’ They told me to go to Ubi Industrial Estate to change my exhaust. I asked if they open on Sunday. Oh yes he said.


The next day on Sun i.e. last week, I drove my boneshaker there but the whole place was deserted. I came back home cursing ‘Pioneer Exhaust’ for giving the wrong information. If you are not sure please don’t anyhow shoot lah! Wasted my time.

Today (21/4/12) after 3pm, since it’s a Sat, I could drive it to ‘Fong Kim Exhaust System’ at Ubi Industrial Estate. When I reached there, they were closing down cuz it’s half day for them. I was told to come back on Mon. When I told them about my exhaust pipe problem, they offered me a branded 3rd party LTA approved whole set of exhaust pipe at more than $1,000! I nearly had a heart attack. Langgar!

When the workshop owner came out to check on my pathetic boneshaker, he took pity on me and said he could fix it for about $120 by replacing the corroded pipe. That sounded better. But he said that I had to come back on Monday. Got to take a day off and pay for the $20 OPC day licence if I come back on Monday.

Then I remembered my colleague Train Officer Basri used to go to another nearby workshop at Ubi to fix his car. I thought might as well drop by to enquire at ‘Jeep Chee’

Lo and Behold, they could do it on the spot for only $90! They told me to go to the nearby coffee shop for coffee and come back half an hour later. But I stayed to see how it’s done.






Notice the square shape silencer which was replaced last year. The previous one also corroded!

Those guys are really professional. They jacked up my car. Cut away the nearly four feet corroded pipe. The exhaust pipe is not straight. They had to fashion a brand new solid aluminum stainless pipe into the same bends.

Having bent the new pipe to similar bends, it was then welded back. A can of metallic grey paint was spray over it. Viola! It’s done!

I reached the workshop at about 3.45 pm. By 4.10pm, the whole operation was completed to my immense satisfaction. I paid the $90 and thanked them.

When those guys were wondering why I kept snapping photos with my iPhone I told them I’ll blog about it. They were curious and didn’t know what I was talking.

They seemed more interested on my iPhone with extended battery pack cuz they remarked that it looked different from theirs. I then shared tips on my special iPhone backup battery pack. They had also this battery problem with their iPhone. No doubt they were impressed with my iPhone ibattz battery pack. They said they had never seen it. They would get it for their iPhones from Challenger.

Before I left the workshop those guys kept saying don’t expose their faces on my blog. They were rather shy about their appearance. They retorted that they would be busy with more jobs if more customers visit them if given publicity on my blog. As salaried workers they just want to relax!

I took a long drive back on the PIE all the way to my place to test my boneshaker. The power and speed came back. It’s now in tip top condition. My boneshaker is as good as a brand new car which is an asset in today’s nearly S$100,000 crazy COE!

Credit must be given to this super brilliant government for selling you a piece of paper costing much more than the car price where car manufacturers invested tons of money on R&D yet can’t match their profits! Other governments in the world really envy this obscene money making regime!








That’s the place where the new pipe was bent and customized to the required angles.

The discarded corroded exhaust pipe.

The brand new exhaust pipe in place. It shld last for another three yrs until the car is scrapped!

All kinds of after-market third party performance exhaust pipes on display.


The bill for that half hour professional job well done!


Specs of the new solid aluminum pipe used to replace the corroded pipe – 2 inches diameter with 1.66mm thickness.

Jeep Chee Exhaust Specialist
Blk 3007 Ubi Road 1
S’pore 408701
Tel: 6745 4700

PS: This blog post is email to Jeep Chee.


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13 Responses to Jeep Chee Exhaust Specialist @Ubi Ind Pk

  1. agongkia says:

    You should have listen to your colleague Basri and go straight to the recommended workshop and save so much times.
    If you went for coffee and did not stay back to see what is being done,maybe ,hehe,if I am the mechanic,I will just patch up the holes with some welding work or koyok and save on the pipe.
    Anyway,S$90 is very reasonable for the pipe and the workmanship.You save money and they got free publicity for their reasonable charges.
    But dun let Garmen got the impression that Singaporean buy car ,keep at home and use only on weekend leh.

    • Hey Datuk,
      Thks for the advice! ‘Fong Kim Exhaust’ occupies few units – three qrts of the entire block of factory units! It’s the biggest you can find. I thought big is good! Not necessary so! If you were the mechanic doing my car I make sure u give me discount! Lol! Langgar!

    • agongkia2 says:

      Hi, by patching up the hole with welding work is deemed illegal by LTA and Gintai_昇泰 will face problem to change a new pipe again when his ride is due for general inspection on sept. What Jeep Chee did is right by giving a permanent solution to Gintai_昇泰. Gintai_昇泰 will have to pay more later if Jeep Chee were to just do the patching up.

  2. Lohcifer says:

    The ingenuity of these guys is truly amazing indeed!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Hi datok…
    coincidentally, I had my exhaust done last week as well.
    I had a small “lobang” and air, or something, was leaking out.
    Went to ‘Man Exhaust’ at Sin Ming who proceeded to cut off the offending part and welded the perfect replacement in.
    And the cost… $90 as well…
    but mine was a smaller exhaust part nearer the engine…
    Yours is value for money!!

  4. auntielucia says:

    Good to know. Should set up a list of small shop reference. Komoco was my preferred workshop but the bills kept mounting. Cars belong to the category of things that one can’t opt to diy and don’t always know when one is ripped off — or given good value. Ditto when it comes to maid agencies! 🙄

    • Auntie Lucia,
      Try not to go to a car agent. The ‘big parang’ is waiting for you at the cashier corner ever ready to fall on you! Unless no choice then go there lah. Yelp take note of the shop just in case your 6.5 yr old boneshaker having the same problem. Cheers.

  5. Mavis says:

    You sabo-ed those guys who said they r salaried workers n jus wana relax by emailing ur blogpost to JeepChee! LOL!

    • You are sharp to have pointed this out. But I don’t agree with you. My comments are fair and balanced. I mentioned they did a professional job. It’s normal for salaried workers to want less job. Let’s not kid ourselves. The boss shld know what to do if their salaried workers got to work extra hard. Do I gain anything by sabo them? It’s a matter of interpretation only.

  6. Expensive price says:

    HI Gintai – many thanks for generosity if blogging – like you I need to extend the useable life of my aging vehicle given the approach 100K mark for a COE.
    Also considering doing the repairs in JB – this would be a leakage for the local economy. A difficult choice of walking the talk or being $$$ pragmatic.

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