44 Itchy Monkeys & One Lascivious Imp


Besides Lee Lip Hong, the ex-principal of Pei Chun Public School, 43 other men were charged in court on Monday for having sex with a minor including 9 civil servants, a senior banker, a company director, a senior vice-president of a private company, lawyers, a senior police officer, as well as a scholarship recipient. Their ages range from between 21 to 48 years old. The men are accused of having sex with the same 16 year old student who was moonlighting as a freelance prostitute for the online vice syndicate busted by the police last year.

She was described as slim, 1.63m tall with C-cup breasts and weighs 48kg with the following ‘introduction’ on the porn website:


“(She) still has that naive girlishness, offers excellent sweet young thing, girlfriend experience…. Advance booking for (her) is required, don’t leave it to least minute booking as it always almost won’t work!”

She was reportedly so popular that some men paid to have sex with her more than three times. Her identity cannot be named as she is still considered a ‘juvenile’ under Singapore laws though she already slept with many men.

According to media reports, it was the pimp Tang Boon Thiew who sold the men out by revealing their particulars to the police. He has not been charged in court yet for any offences.Source

During the court session, lawyer Subhas Anandan took issue with the charge sheets.

“How is anybody going to know what he is charged for when you don’t know who the girl is, and what her age is? Who are they trying to protect? As far as I am concerned, this girl does not deserve protection as she is a HARDCORE PROSTITUTE who got so many men into trouble”

Mr Subhas said he would take the case all the way up to the High Court if the prosecution refuse to give him the particulars of the girl:

“We just can’t accept the word of the prosecution… We are going to ask the prosecution, the DPP, to give us further particulars. If they do not give us the further particulars, we will take it up in the High Court,” he said.

In an interview with the media, Mr Subhas described the girl as a HARDCORE prostitute who deserves no protection from the law. His comments were first aired on Channel 8 evening news yesterday, but was censored in subsequent news broadcasts.Source

The truth hurts! Eminent Senior Counsel Subhas Anandan was pissed off in court when he represented those guys charged for paid sex crime with a minor. He is a fighter alright. He is outspoken and fortright. He is not wrong to say that his clients also got rights – the right to know who is that girl and what’s her age?


Under the law minors who are victims can’t be named. They are protected by law. Now who is the victim here? The 44 itchy monkeys or that little hardcore licentious imp? The law is blind. It cannot differentiate the obvious difference. Sometimes humans also follow blindly without thinking of the obvious.

There were great men in history such as Chairman Mao and Mahatma Gandhi having special sexual preferences and fetishes which are well known and documented. Yet those great historical figures are still revered till today. What about ancient times in China, India and the Romans & Greece all kinds of sexual exploits and fetishes were openly practiced.

Ah yes I heard you thinking that times have changed. We are living in a modern law abiding society.

Times have changed but still the timeless fascination with eroticism and karma-sutra remains part of human nature. Sex sells. There are tons of products in the open market to make women appear more attractive, slimmer, whiter and younger just as there also tons of products to increase men’s libido and prevent baldness etc all for the sole purpose of making opposites’ attraction. No? Still disagree?

Is paid commercial sex a crime? A young sexy girl openly advertises and offers commercial sex. Those men just took the bait. The only crime is that hardcore prostitute is under 18 yrs old. It is a crime to have sex with a prostitute under 18 yrs old.

Did that girl tell those men that she is under 18 yrs old? How would those men know that she was under 18 yrs old if she didn’t tell them? Is it written on her forehead to say that she’s underage?

In a court of law, only the evidence – whether it’s oral or physical evidence or case exhibits shall decide on the outcome of the case verdict. Maybe those men got a chance to defend themselves through Lawyer Subhus on their real ignorance of the “victim’s” underage status.

But that’s beside the point. The issue is all the 44 men are talented established figures in our society. Some of them are senior civil servants, police or army officers and business entrepreneurs. Why condemn them? Why hate them? They didn’t rape or molest any body’s sister, wife or mother.

They paid with their own money for some little fun and entertainment. Are they criminals who plunder and kill? Did they harm anybody? Who are we to play God and crucify them? Lynch them publicly? Could this be the work of MSM to divert us from serious issues of the day? Ponder over it.

If only they knew it. They would have gone to our neighbouring countries and frolic wantonly with all the sexy little girls money can buy for a song! Who is the victim here? The 44 itchy monkeys or that hardcore lascivious prostitute imp?

It’s an open secret that lots of our local men did just that. They cross over to neighbouring countries to get their sexual fetishes fixed then come back and pretend nothing happens. Remember it’s no offence if you are not caught. That is the rule of the game.

Senior Counsel Subhus Anandan has reasons to get angry. His comments on the case were later censored on state TV. We are a puritanical society where we can’t tolerate role models from the establishment paying for sex. If they are not school teachers or police or army officers then it’s ok.

We are perfect humans living in a sinless utopia. Is that so? It shows how shallow and naive are we. We are like frogs in a well. Just go to China, India, Europe or US. Look at the rich and famous hedonistic lifestyle. Our 44 itchy monkeys pales in comparison to them. We are making a mountain out of a molehill really. Maybe common folks just love to read scandalous juicy story especially involving those rich and powerful.

Dr Toothfully aka Yao mo gao chor ah? is correct to say that ‘if Gandhi were in the dock this time, we are sure to lose a great man‘ We live in a society full of ‘holy than thou’ hypocrites.

Like the typical Chinese saying ‘英雄難過美人關’ (ying xiong nan guo mei ren guan) – Even a hero finds it hard going against a beauty? English translation.

To those men out there – I say touch your heart and ask yourself if it’s true? Are you that holy? Remember if you are not caught either with a prostitute or somebody’s wife or lover etc, it’s no offence. Since nobody knows, you could throw stones at the 44 itchy monkeys on public display and behave like angels. But if you end up like one of the 44 itchy monkeys in court or the ‘2 civil servant itchy monkeys got mixed up with Cecilia the IT cobra’, I say good luck to you. Your career and your life is over. Your fate is sealed.

But our MP Teo Ser Luck defended that hardcore lascivious prostitute and felt sorry for her as a ‘victim.’ He may be the perfect gentleman and role model that those 44 itchy monkeys obviously can’t emulate. Let’s hope that he will remain that way forever.


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  1. patriot says:

    If it is ascertained that the underage prostitite
    was not forced into the flesh trade, she SHOULD
    BE CHARGED just like those who attempt suicide.
    She should be given a heavier penalty to prevent
    other under-age from emulating her gold digging


    • Yes. U are right. Like I say the law is blind. The people shld interpret it as it shld be. Why shld she be protected when she is openly soliciting? The law protects minors if only they are innocent victims. Not in this case.

    • kinjioleaf says:

      If it is ascertained that she is not forced or duped into sex trade… but how to do that when her particulars is not known? Will she take the stand? Unlikely because the charge is not towards her.

      Is it a crime prostituting herself below 18? I don’t think so.

      End of the day, those who were convicted may be spending their time in jail wondering ‘Who the f*** did I screw that landed me here?’

      • Since those 43 (Principal PG) claimed trail, the case will be heard in ‘camera’ meaning press and public blackout to protect the ‘victim’s’ identity. No worry those men if convicted will know which hole they screwed wrongly whilst serving time in jail to reflect on their misadventure.

        The question here is not if that girl is or not forced into prostitution. The charge is against those men having paid sex with a minor ie under 18 yrs old which is illegal even though it’s with consent. Prostitution must be above 18 yrs. that is the law. It is clear. The prosecution will have to prove beyond all doubts that those men knew that the girl was underage at time of offence which is not easy. Of course unless the girl and pimp turn around and say that those men were told about her underage status then it’s a different story.

  2. It was only in 2008 that the legal age for prostitution was raised from 16 to 18. To allay the fears of “concerned parents” who have young, nubile and materialistic daughters, the legal age may be further raised to 21. Then, more “itchy monkeys” will get arrested. Perhaps the “concerned parents” of young, nubile and materialistic daughters should be reminded that a better way to deter their daughters from prostitution is to punish them and not the clients.

    • Toothfully,
      I feel that might as well raise it to age 35 or 40 yrs old to protect all those young innocent nubile women lured into prostitution? Let the mother hens monopolise the sex trade! See how hypocritical we are. Really langgar!

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  4. Carl says:

    Why protect the female since the female is also the instigator ? Do we protect female in crime ? Isn’t she benefit from earning so much money too ?
    If she is not punished, isn’t that encourage more underage prostitute foreigners to try their luck here especially they can hold Singaporeans hostage for their transaction , and knowing that they will not be exposed anyway ?

    Is this age where male and female are equal , why are we still in state of double standard when it comes to shaming ?

    • Hi Carl,
      You got the point. But we have well paid scholar MPs like that joker I quoted who think otherwise! They feel that the little imp is innocent and need ‘counselling’ when she openly solicited and reaped solicited and reaped tons of money from those men. Sigh !

  5. kinjioleaf says:

    In case you are not aware, even if you engaged in paid sex with under 18 in other countries and somehow made known to Singapore authorities, you can still be charged by Singapore law.

    • Not only this but also urine tested positive for drugs when you come back home! Human rights and dignity in Sg? We can’t even hold a candle to Msia! Really langgar!

  6. Darkness 2012 says:

    Yes, I can understand why so many have concluded those 44 monkeys deserve what they are getting. But let us reconsider the facts of the case again, this time by using common sense as a vantage to help us make sense of this sordid episode – if you walk into a tobacconist and buy a packet of cigarettes and it subsequently turns out to be contraband, then should you be hauled up by the law for possession of stolen goods? Or is it the fault of the wayward vendor who has no business whatsoever to offer for sale contraband cigarettes in the first place?

    Gentlemen this is not a question about morality and ethics, it is simply a question that revolves around the intrinsic meaning of one word, REASONABLENESS – is it reasonable to expect any of these 44 men to ascertain the age of this minor? Or does the pimp owe a duty to disclose this information to his prospective customers? – in this case it seems the pimp did not even bother to convey this vital information to his clientele. It could be, he even deliberately misrepresented the minor’s age. So how are the 44 men going to REASONABLY ascertain the age of this minor? Is it reasonable to expect every man who goes into a shop to buy items to behave like Sherlock Holmes? Are they all born like LKY, where he claims, he is a radar? So which body part is the radar to ascertain the real age of this minor? Or are they all supposed to use ESP to ascertain her age? Could it be all of these 44 people and possibly the entire male population of Singapore are direct descendants of Nostradamus? Can they see her age by just looking into the mystical valley of woods? So let us all be REASONABLE lah. It is very obvious to me the law has taken a wrong turn here and a miscarriage of justice may have taken place here.

    This pimp has obviously taken ALL these 44 men for a big ride by misrepresenting the age of the minor – so why isn’t the book thrown at wayward vendor. As for those 44 men, I feel very sorry for them and their families. As their lives are ruined. Nonetheless my sympathy for them has defined limits – as if a man chooses to live dangerously, then I believe he should first equip himself with the right attitude and tools to do so – but all of them just thought they were going for a mid afternoon walk in the park, now that the path has led directly to the police shop, this story can only have a very sad ending.

    Gentlemen, we all live in dangerous times it seems.

    Darkness 2012

    • Hi Darkness2012,

      Thks for sharing your analysis here. First let me put on record the highly readable piece of article written by you which is embedded on my post. It surely shed some light on those itchy monkeys’ perchant for nubile little cobras.

      Your tobacco vendor analogy clearly explains the whole ‘sordid episode’ in simple terms. It is clear that the vendor i.e. the pimp shld be held fully accountable. To punish those customers (itchy monkeys) of contraband cigarettes is a miscarriage of justice indeed. Since they are no descendants of Nostradamus, how on earth you expect them to know that the stuff is ‘contraband?’ How they wish to be descendants of Nostradamus so that they could foresee and predict their destiny without falling into this cesspool! Ignorance is the only defence in the court of law – there is no ‘reasonableness’ in law book except maybe we hear of ‘temper justice with mercy!’

      You see AG chambers is empowered to proceed or not to proceed charges against accused persons. All the law enforcement agencies including police will have to submit investigation paper on a criminal case to the AGC. If the case is weak lacking in evidence, AGC may not want to prosecute. Sometimes it’s referred back to the organization for ‘departmental’ action. The powers of prosecution to prefer a more serious or lesser charge on an accused person lies with them. AGC could revert this so called miscarriage of justice by applying the principle of ‘tempering justice with mercy!’

      As for this sensational case, it’s quite obvious that those men were committing the so called offence ignorantly. The main culprit shld be the pimp. Those 44 men could be used as prosecution witnesses against the pimp by securing a heavy sentence. Instead, it’s done the other way round. The pimp turned prosecution witness. The pimp must have been given assurance of prosecution witness status for him to reveal the full list of his clients.

      The mystical valley of woods or bush has no direct bearing on age or looks of the larger landscape. It’s only imagery feel good preference conjured up by the media. Is there any difference between different brands of Thai fragrant rice? Not much really. But if that mystical cave is coated with honey then it becomes a honey trap where the bees and birds are attracted. Just stay far away from any sweet honey pot then you will be safe.

      The law is fair and impartial. The fine art of interpretation and execution of the written law of the land will determine the fate of those charged. That is why we need sharp legal eagles to slug it out in an open court. Only 3 parties are involved here – the accused, victim and abetter. Who is the aggrieved party and who is the offender? The charge sheet holds the key. If the prosecution can’t throw out the accuseds’ claim of ignorance of the victim’s age, the charge just cannot stand. It is actually as simple as that. If the only limb of the so called ‘crime’ hinges on the ‘underage’ factor and the lawyer manages to throw that out then the charge won’t stand. Those itchy monkeys will be acquitted. They would walk out of the court as free men but not without untold damages financially and emotionally with their lifes’ ruined!

      If only an enlightened AG Chambers and investigation had tilted the other way, then this sordid drama would have turned out in a totally different manner with the enterprising pimp receiving the full weight of the law and it’s subsequent punishment reflecting the immoral earnings of an underage prostitute! That’s my two cents’ worth!

      • PPL says:

        PAP don’t care. PM Lee will come out standing tall thinking he is morally doing the right thing. It will restore their crippled reputation. All these acts will be seen as an enhancement to their integrity, their righteousness, their cleaning the house. They will stand tall in the international scene (esp USA) on illegal trafficking or sexual predators against underaged girls. The 48 men are just the necessary collateral damage. Chips on his chessboard. In his own words as he has sprouted to WP ” You have brought this to yourself”.

      • l says:

        totally agreed. AGC probably wanted to throw the book at the vendor initially….vendor, knowing his game is all over, activated operation damage control and proposed to spill the beans….. AGC agreed to the deal and the vendor spilled the beans so that a bigger fish can be caught… very common MO…

  7. The fact that hardly anybody ever got caught doing it overseas means that most of these clients didn’t get into any argument with the operators or police over there.

    • Toothfully,
      It’s a totally different world out there i.e. outside our little 700 sq km pond! Why shld there be an issue. It’s free mkt with willing buyer and seller and everybody taking a cut. Just look at their ‘ah go go’ or ‘tiger show’ etc and it’s no big deal. Here it’s a mountain out of a molehill. Really it’s just no big deal. How can we be more innovative and creative when it’s so restrictive and sterile of making nothing out of nothing? It seems that they are treating this sex scandal case like a ‘murder’ case. Go to ROC and Korea and look at their entertainment nite life. No vice there? No young nubile girls there? Only that we try to kid ourselves when it’s happening all around us outside our little pond! Really langgar!

  8. patriot says:

    Me likes the Word REASONABLENESS.
    But in Sin, REASONABLENESS is not
    exactly in use in execution of the Laws.

    Likes to say that HUMANITIES is
    lacking too in Sin.


  9. CY says:

    You are no different from the others, first instinct is to pin the blame on the girl and label her anything. Do you think the girl is capable of all these connections to these clientes? It is amazing not many actually look hard at what the Pimp’s role is? Clearly, this is a smart and smooth businessman, a very successful one – mind you, seating on several boards and owning companies around the regions. He have access I’m sure not to just one (underaged) girl, but several many adults too. He obviously had in mind to start this lucrative business, and carefully cultivated the girls, (teaching them how to please the men etc). If this scumbag is not a low-life despicable man who is out to manipulate and destroy young innocent lives, what is he? People should re-look the case. We still have not known the facts fully about the role/deeds of this evil Tang yet, and we want to throw an underaged girl (in most likelihood, naive, materialistic and didn’t have the maturity & wisdom to know better),unlike the adult men who participated in this transaction willingly. Yes, it was most unfortunate they were caught, but to put all blame squarely on the girl, is just disgusting. Subhas have to say what he says, because he is acting for the interest of his clients. Remember too, she could be your daughter, sister or someone you know who’s gone astray with the promise of good life. Get a grip and perspective!


    • l says:

      “Remember too, she could be your daughter, sister or someone you know who’s gone astray with the promise of good life. Get a grip and perspective! ”

      1) what u are saying is very contradictory…. so the girl has gone astray with the promise of good life should be given a second chance.. but the men who had ALSO gone astray should be punished????

      2) unlike hardcore human trafficking and prostitution rings in Europe and other countries, i dun think, in this case, the girl was kidnapped or forced at gunpoint to sell her body. if she wanted to stop, i’m sure she just say no, its over….
      so does this “in most likelihood, naive, materialistic and didn’t have the maturity & wisdom to know better” girl deserve a second chance?? she did it with over 80men, i am sure she did it with her eye wide open…. if she is manipulated because she is materialistic, who to blame??

      • Cecilia says:

        Your suggestion about punishing the girl won’t work in most countries, let alone in uniquely Singapore. Logically, the whole point of having a statutory rape law is the understanding that the girl, by reason of her age, is not responsible for her choices, including the choice to give consent. That’s why children can’t be a party to a contract.
        If however you could hold her legally responsible for her choice – (ie. not forced or coercion by Pimp etc), then logically, her choice to give consent would be legally sufficient. But that is the job of the Defense lawyer. Remember, currently only the State is pressing charges against the men. What if the parents of this girl decide to also press charges on top of that? We’ll be looking at even harsher and longer terms.

    • I do agree that the pimp is the most guilty in the case. He benefited the most. Those men got played out. But the girl is not that young. She is a poly student. I’m sure she could think on her own. Materialistic and lure of money leading her astray or the pimp? It didn’t look like it if she is being described as ‘hardcore!’
      Of course she is someone’s sister and daughter but that doesn’t mitigate the fact she openly solicits with the help of the pimp by posing her sexy pics on the website. No one forces her to do it. If she is forced into the trade then it’s a different story.

      • Coco says:

        Hardcore is up to your interpretation and labeling by the lawyer or public.
        Moral – If you want to be in the playing field, you better know the rules.

        • l@gmail.com says:

          but who makes the rules?? a crime is a crime only because:
          1) the law says so
          2) the person doing the act gets caught…

          both conditions have to be met… who is to say 17years and 11months and 29days old is underaged and 18 years old and 1 day is overaged??? once again the law is up to your interpretation, but the premise is if we can debate on making our law system and “rules” a bit fairer to all parties, i think we will all come out of this better…

  10. patriot says:

    Now, that the Income Tax Department(Iras) knows more or less
    the Incomes of the Pimp and the Under-age Girl, will It take action
    to get them to pay their dues(tax)?


    • Patriot,
      I thought for the moment I saw something about having to pay for the ‘durex?’ Alamak ! IRA is also keeping a close watch on this cuz they are also entitled to a cut lah! When it’s money concerned they nvr seem to miss out. They are very efficient. That I agree.

  11. agongkia says:

    If the accused are people like me,chances is that I will LL plead for leniency even if I am innocent as I am too poor to afford a lawyer .The law has the advantage over people like me.
    But for these 44 of them ,I have reason to believe that there is a good chance of being acquitted.There are actually 2 ways to get off the hook.

    I sympathise with the accuse and hope that I can shared with them one day on how to visit a prostitute without getting involve with the law.They may be good in academic study but not street wise.There is actually no necessity to cover themselves and avoid the reporters.
    Visiting a woman of doubtful repute is nothing wrong or shameful.They should feel proud that they are financially,physically and mentally sound.Or else they would have commit rape.
    They are actually helping the so call victim financially.
    If not ,I dun understand why those talents need to go for paid sex these days.

    Having say that,this new law made me miss many golden opportunities.So many young and gorgeous girl keep trying to make friend with me and I just have to give a miss because they look below 18.Sigh….


  12. l says:

    the mother of all ironies is that the legal age limit to have consensual sex is 16… so if you didnt pay the girl, you are not committing a crime.. if you did pay, thats a crime…. sad or what…only in uniquely singapore…..

    or the defendants can say, we have consensual sex and the money paid is not for sex but a loan…. so how?? lets sit back and see how this loophole is being exploited and played out..

    • Interesting revelations. Contradictory indeed! That is the job of those professionals to slug it out. More drama ahead. Interesting indeed. Now that I’m aware of this loophole, I will know how to avoid the mistake of those itchy monkeys.

  13. If she is a minor and cannot be charged for the offence, then at least make her refund all the money paid to her. If you go to a restaurant and they serve you a frozen fish instead of a live fish like you ordered and paid for, then they should refund you your money. Charge or no charge, the girl should be taught a lesson that cheating does not pay.

    • qq says:

      Except in this case, she is clearly a VERY live fish! Only reason why men with wives/girlfriend prefer over their deadfish at home?!! Not to mention all the repeat business she is getting, hello!! Just not sure the lemon law works this way.

    • LP says:

      Far from being a dead fish, she is very much alive sir! That explains her repeat business right? Anyway, on the topic of punishment, it should squarely rest on the shoulder of the Pimp who misrepresented the ‘goods’. Like Darkness said, you assume the risk if you decide to live dangerously. Besides, are you going to turn around and sue her if you found out you have HIV or some contracted diseases?!! Come on, common sense and reasonableness.

  14. SG Girl says:

    I’m curious… Are men who visit prostitutes allowed to view the IDs of those girls? I believe some men really do not wanna break the law..

    • Nop. Only Anti Vice Officers conduct checks on prostitutes.

      • SG Girl says:

        Then charging those men don’t seem fair. The girl and the pimp should be charged cos they deliberately lied about the her age. Teenagers nowadays are smarter and more matured compared to those decades ago partly due to the education they’re receiving now. At 17, they are not naive.

  15. Carl says:

    hmmm ….errrr … the publics perhaps will not be so angry if the suspected girl has been this famous gal LOL

  16. crunchynuts says:

    Crunchynuts says:
    We have here in our midst, some 40+ men and a woman whose lives and those of their families messed up by this saga. In my opinion, it is not just an issue of some perverted people committing some immoral acts and now facing their due punishments. It is time for our Nation, man and woman, to reflect on what has gone wrong with us in Singapore? Don’t we know that many of our young men (some below 18 years old) when they were called to serve in NS were issued condoms when they were sent for overseas training? I had served NS myself many years ago and recently my 3 sons too, we were all introduced to the idea of paying for sex even before we had a girl friend. It is common practice that some Officers and NCOs organising sex parties to places like Geylang and neighbouring countries, on their private capacities, for their men on week ends and off days . Do you think at their age, they would go for the older prostitutes or the younger ones? Are we now so surprised that so many respectable and professional men, who did NS, had also indulged in such vices, many of us would have thought it is only common among the uneducated and uncouth. In my days, I was fortunate to be forewarned for such temptations in the military by leaders in my church and I too monitored my sons activities during their NS. The influx of Internet pornography and gambling sites are making things worse. I had seen NS boys learning to bet big time and forced to become runners for bookies in their camps. It is good to defend our country. But learn from history how Rome fell. Rome was not defeated by an a stronger army without, but by her moral decadent within.

    • You spoke the truth. The truth always hurts! No one will want to admit until its too late. That is always the sad case. They prefer to pretend all is well when it’s not that well until things fall apart!

    • kinjioleaf says:

      I don’t know if it’s common practice for some officers/NCO to organise such escapes. I served in the early 90s and certainly didn’t see such organised ‘excursion’.
      When in overseas, it’s true that during RnR, there may be ‘side trips’ but that more like itchy young ape seeking directions from itchy lao jiao. I admit to visiting fish tanks then, have a drink and WATCH what’s going on. To ‘go the extra mile’ is really an individual choice. I don’t make judgement on what others do or blame it on NS. So what if condoms issued? I give to those who need it.
      If the cow don’t drink water, no one can force it.

  17. Lohcifer says:

    “I am what I am because of who we all are.” The sex drive is a powerful propelling force and as surprising as it may seem, being able to harness and manage it (as well as other fundamental drives) is critical to how one’s life turns out, according to the theories of McClelland and Skinner. The current environment and culture we are in do not offer much by way of preventing people from getting into trouble. At the risk of sounding simplistic, upbringing, personal discipline and a sense of right and wrong will keep us in check. When these qualities are compromised, chaos reigns and the blame starts. Need to fix the problem, not the blame. Unfortunately our society is not wired that way.

    • l says:

      agree. upbringing and personal discipline is important but the environment is equally important…. sometimes, we are all victims of our own circumstances… maybe some of the men look for the pro becoz the wife at home dun wanna give and is extremely unreasonable? maybe marriage on the rocks or point of no return? possibilities in life are endless…. not all men are bad, not all women are good either… the path you choose is also determined by the cards you were dealt with… but more often then not, the law always puts the man in the bad light and the woman as the victim… why? open to debate…

    • Well said. Self discipline and control will keep one away from a moment of folly in the face of temptation.

  18. auntielucia says:

    Gintai, clearly, the polytechnic girl played an important role and should be held culpable for her part in this. Can’t the men sue her for deception? At minimum, I think her name n face should be made as widely known as the men charged. Perhaps the accused who have claimed trial should appeal to the courts to lift the gag, given the extraodinariness of this case. As for the pimtp, he should be jailed and the key thrown away.

    • kinjioleaf says:

      Maybe hor? Civil lawsuit through CASE? Goods don’t meet specification? :p

    • Hi Auntie Lucie,
      I may not be a lawyer but then I know a little of it. Let’s discuss.
      Prostitution per se is no offence. It is ‘soliciting in public’ that constitutes an offence. Pimps are prosecuted under the The Women’s Charter for living on the immoral earnings of girls. Those men technically committed no offence. The offence is that they had sex with an underaged prostitute of below 18 yrs old. That is the law they infringed. Assume that the girl is older than 18 yrs then those men will not be charged at all. Charge under which law? I can’t think of any. Having sex with a prostitute? Not at all.
      So far I only heard of pimps got charged in court not customers. The client is usually used as prosecution witness to secure a conviction against the pimp. You see it’s never easy to prove prostitution unless you are caught in the act of doing it. Even if you caught in the room with a girl both of you fully dressed, it’s not easy to prove it beyond any reasonable doubt. In a court of law so long there is a slight doubt the case will be thrown out!
      So it’s never easy to charge the pimp unless the client and the girl are produced in court with positive oral evidence from them pointing at the pimp.
      For this case obviously the pimp is the main culprit and mastermind. Like what you said lock him up and the key thrown away! Next, the young girl is not that naive after all. She was nvr forced into the trade. She may have gone astray due to money temptation. Yet she was treated like a ‘victim’ and protected by the law! How ironical. Those men appeared helpless victims.
      If I were the Attorney General, I would charge the pimp and use those men as witnesses. The pimp will definitely plead guilty due to the evidence of those guys. The girl send to a Girls’ Home. Case closed!
      As Darkness2012 mentioned earlier in his lengthy comment it’s actually a miscarriage of justice! How can you charge me for contraband cigarette when I buy it from a legit shop?
      I suspect the pimp was given prosecution immunity status in exchange for the disclosure of all his clientele. Since no charges were pressed against the pimp, those charges were directed at those 44 men. It’s a pity and unnecessary waste destroying their sterling careers, families and causing so much enmity. I need not go into many past cases of miscarriages of justices etc. If my comments are directed at our courts I can be cited for ‘contempt’ resulting in jail. I don’t know if it will apply to the AGC? Better stop here lah!
      Whether those men could sue that girl for deceit? Nvr happened in Sg before. But if we live in the American system of justice anything also can. They are great believers in personal rights and liberty. Not here.

  19. Tom says:

    Ask this instead.

    Girl was under 18 when the ‘crime’ took place in 2010. Thus 48 men are charged.
    Girl is now above 18 when the ‘trial’ goes to court in 2012. Thus the law should not protect her.

    Make sense?

    • Totally agreed! But you and me don’t run the system. We are merely followers of the system at the mercy of those in the holy order! Langgar!

      • Joey Foo says:

        In another perspective, the law should provide equal treatment. Let’s say A committed theft when he was 12, but for some reason, was charged only at 20.

        As a immature 12-year-old juvenile at the time of the crime, A would not want to have his name to be published when he is 20 and charged, because firstly at the time of the crime, he may be less able to tell right from wrong as compared to when he is 20, and secondly because a long time has passed, and he would not want an act from seven years ago to affect his prospects now.

        Of course in this case I do agree that the identity should be disclosed, but since the law has to be fair, it cannot be done, so as to protect those who really deserve to be protected.

        • You are correct in a sense. In this case, does the so called ‘victim’ merit protection? The court is at its discretion to disclose or not to disclose here. If say that girl was raped or molested then of course, the ID of the genuine victim need to protected at all costs. So it depends on the case where the judge deems fit. The law may say so but need not not be applied rigidly or blindly.

    • l says:

      as far as i understand how it works, the law at the time of the crime applies.. ie: 2010… any changes to the law since 2010 to 2012 will not apply since the so-called crime took place in 2010..

  20. CSI says:

    Just for information, in American law having sex with an minor in most states is a strict liability crime. That is, diligence or reasonable belief is not a defense to the charge. She can admit on the stand that she showed you a fake ID and you’re still guilty. On top of that, many will be in the Name Registers along with serious Pedophilers. In Canada however, the law places onus on the offenders to prove they did their due diligence and would acquit them if satisfied with evidence of true misrepresentation.

    • kinjioleaf says:

      If ape is not wrong, prostitution in USA is a crime, regardless or age. Prostitutes and patrons and pimps will be charged.
      But like what gintai mentioned earlier, how to prosecute if all claims that the patron merely pay the girl to have a good chat in private – no sex involved?
      Nevertheless, in this on going trial, the alleged pimp also paid $50 to the girl as part of his ‘quality check’ thus he’ll be facing double two charges.

      • Pimp was just conducting QCC !

        • CSI says:

          “..all claims that the patron merely pay girl to have good chat…”
          There appears to be a little black book and detailed recordings of services rendered, No? Unless the girl is an angel and claims so too, nobody walks away = lose/lose/lose.
          Question is, what does she stand to ‘gain’ by spilling since she has nothing to lose to begin with? So why?

  21. kinjioleaf says:

    Ape dunno if it’s true but heard that the pimp’s sins include exploiting his employees in the other companies registered under his name. According to rumours, he exploited the naive employees by not paying their due wages and cpf with threats of civil lawsuits if they leave.

  22. demonaga says:

    I agree with u … I think the girl never tell those guys her age … If she say who wanna get into trouble !!

  23. Nebermind says:

    Ever wonder why the mass media downplayed the heinous crime of the pimp and instead focussed on the hapless 48 men? I heard the pimp Tang Boon Thiew is related to a certain MP who recently retired from politics (what a coincidence!); He is the same MP who was chastised by the netizens for his speech in a public TV debate, alluring to the bad english of train drivers. I heard from the grapevine, that Tang BT is the nephew of this MP.

    I pity those 48 men, they should not be publicly shamed since they are only being charged in court and not yet sentenced. It is a crime in most countries to report the identities of people who have not been convicted yet. There is still a possibility, however remote, that they are not found guilty eventyally. But by then, their reputation would have been totally ruined by the journalists who are all out to destroy them and their family.

    • brudder says:

      Actually the MSM only prominently feature the Principal and the Shaw guy. One represents the civil servant, the other represent the rich elite. Both serves as a template case for PM LHL to reassert his new government, and trying to give warnings to his people/cabinet underlings that he means business” just like his father LKY. This was his chance to sweep the broom so to speak, after retiring GCT. It is merely for show and politics. The timing of these 48 men are just bad luck and unfortunate.
      The question is – why the 80 list suddenly dwindled down to 62 list? What happened to the mysterious 18? And now there’s 14 men to go, instead of the 32. Something is fishy.

      • Yes, I see your points. Hopefully not like what you think. Let’s hope that the case could be over soon. There are important issues to ponder. Thks for dropping by.

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