To Sell or Not To Sell?


Last week, I bought over TNM Station Manager Chia’s Samsung Galaxy Note. It came with an expensive Viva leather case, screen protector, extra battery, box, manual and warranty card from SingTel shop at Tampines Mall. He told me he is looking at Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7″ model. He convinced me to take over his Note.

He knows that I blog. I told him that my iPad was given away to my nephew who came back recently from Canada to process his National Service registration and to renew his NRIC. I used an iPad as a second screen to blog. SM Chia convinced me to take over his Note as replacement for my iPad.

I was quite impressed with his 5″ Note. He didn’t want to name a price. Since we are considered quite close friends, he was quite reluctant to name a price. He used it for only a week. He just asked me to take it and give him a reasonable price.

I checked with Mustafa Centre and few places. It’s selling at $850 at Mustafa Centre. $950 at Samsung boutique shop in Century Sq. Sim Lim is offering it at only $825 but it’s ‘Europe’ market meaning it can’t read Chinese but comes with agent warranty.

I then offered SM Chia cash $800 for the whole package. He straight away gave me his Note. He was quite satisfied with my offer. Now he is talking about getting the latest HTC OneX instead of the 7.7″ Samsung Tab! BTW, he has got an ipad2 and is using iPhone 4s.

One week of relentless usage putting the Note through all the rigorous routine tests on my blogging and news reading regime. I realized that it’s battery sucks! It can’t last more than 4 hours on the net. Sometimes barely 3.5 hours with weak 3G signals.

My previous blog post on ibattz battery.

Unlike my iPhone, I am armed with extra 3 pieces of replacement BP-4L Nokia battery. One such battery lasts me about 4 hours. Virtually non stop battery power for my iPhone. That is why I love my iPhone so much.

I did a search on the net but could not find a similar battery gadget or device for Note. My Sanyo Eneloop external battery pack 5,000 mAh also could not charge up the Note to full power. It could only maintain Note’s battery power from dropping further. Maybe it’s due to it’s big screen and super fast dual core processor at 1.4 MHz resulting in it’s power hungry attribute and fast drainage of battery.

I then made the decision to sell it away. I’d get the Samsung S2 instead. So much slimmer and smaller albeit slower and less powerful than Note. I’d have to get rid of Note first.

Since the early 90s before I joined SMRT, I’ve been selling and buying in cyber world such as eBay, yahoo auction (no longer available), Hardware Zone marketplace, Gumtree, pHing etc

A posting in cyber world was then duly put up. The response was overwhelming. I didn’t realize that Note was so popular and much sought after! As usual, there are all kinds of people out there in the cyber world – the good, bad and ugly including some weird jokers!

I’m letting go my Samsung Galaxy Note. About one week old. Singtel set with warranty card and full box. Come with expensive Viva leather case and screen protector. White color. Will throw in 8GB micro SD card. Not used to the big size. Looking for Samsung S2. Can trade but cash top up from you depending on your set’s conditions. Pls sms me at 9773 XXXX to deal at Pasir Ris. No reply for offers below $800.

Pls don’t ask if it’s still available? I’ll delete it or update it here if it’s sold. Don’t waste valuable time. Just dive. Also I only exchange or trade with Samsung Galaxy S2. Pls give details of your S2 if you wanna trade and how much your cash top up. Don’t waste precious time asking me for trades on others. No reply will be given. Thks for your understanding.”




Sometimes, I wonder if our education system is not producing thinking and discerning young adults or they simply not able to follow clear instructions?

I still got smses like ‘Hi ur note still available?’, ‘Fast deal at $700!’, ‘Wanna trade with my HTC desire?’ etc etc. I never reply to all these.

There was one memorable sms repeatedly asking me if it is still available until I replied him to read my post again. He retorted ‘hey I’m outside no access to PC why can’t you just tell me if it’s still available?’. No choice I told him it is still available. Next question the same joker asked me ‘How much you selling?’ Really Langgar! I then put his mobile number under ‘spam’ and blocked him. If you think he is an idiot you must be mistaken. He used another mobile number – could be his friend or sibling or his second mobile number – to sms me asking why I kept ignoring him. Am I a genuine seller? He never gave up.

The above is just part of the so many true sometimes horror stories of online deals. I met all kinds of people even Vietnamese, Japanese or Indonesian students. Some of them are so cash rich esp those Indonesians that they just took out a thick wad of cash in fifties in front of me to pay for the item he agreed to buy from me. It must be thousands of dollars of hard currency in fifties the thickness of a brick!

There was a genuine buyer willing to pay my price for the Note and we about to meet up for the deal when he suddenly asked if there was a receipt for it. I told the would-be buyer no receipt but he could check with Samsung if they honor the warranty card from SingTel shop?

I then told him that in fact I just sent it to the agent at Singapore Plaza cuz I damaged the SIM holder when I tried to put in my mini SIM card with adaptor (it was taken out of my iPad). One of the three thin skinny metal strips was broken due to entanglement with the SIM adaptor. I didn’t produce any receipt at Samsung and still they honored the warranty. Told him to confirm this with Samsung.

That joker went berserk! ‘You are telling me that your Note was damaged and sent for repair?’ and ‘Why didn’t you tell me in the first place. You are being dishonest!’ ‘You didn’t tell me that you got no receipt until I asked for it and now you are telling me that your set was damaged before!’

The whole scenario seemed that I was operating some kind of ‘Nigerian Scam!’ as if I cheated him when the meeting didn’t even take place. KNN! WTF?

Tell you what ‘I’m not selling it to you. You go to Samsung boutique to get yourself a brand new set ok?’ ‘hey we agreed to deal right? Now you are backing out!’

I gave up! Now you know why I’m wondering what’s wrong with our education system churning out such educated Singaporeans?

Good grief. Managed to sell it off yesterday. On the same day, I searched and found an used Samsung S2. This young was telling me few offers hovering around $450 to $480 for his 6 months old set. I told him we meet in one hour’s time. I’ll pay him $500 if I’m satisfied with his S2. We meet half way since we live on opposite sides of the island.

Fast and no fuss deal done. I have ordered a couple of 3,500 mAh extended battery for my Samsung S2 from eBay. Should be here by next week. Another surprise is that this set was rooted by that young man presumably a poly student to android ice cream ver 4.0.3! Oh I love ice cream! Wonder why it’s called ice cream? Currently the brand new ones only come with sandwich ver 2xxx series! Interesting information – ice cream or sandwich ver? That young man was so satisfied with the deal that he offered to help me on any android issues cuz he claimed that he’s an expert! He upgraded to Note when I just sold mine! What an irony.



Trading on cyber flea markets can be quite an experience. Alway insist on cash payments or no deal! If sending items over via snail mail or postal mail insist that they pay up first. Always meet up in crowded places esp if you a lady to prevent unnecessary problems such as argument or dispute over prices or items. Imagine if you at an isolated place dealing with a crook or conman with ulterior agenda?

Let me know if you need advise on cyber dealings. I’m glad to share tips with you. In the meantime happy wheeling dealing? You decide.


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9 Responses to To Sell or Not To Sell?

  1. kinjioleaf says:

    Doh… all the models you mentioned are the ones I’m considering.
    Want to trade my HTC Desire? Just joking.
    Haven’t attempted mobile blogging yet but how you manage with anything smaller than Note?

    • Hahahha! All my blogs – about 90% are written on my iphone using the free wordpress apps. I suggest that u wait for S3 coming soon. I know u are a die hard fan of HTC lah. U shld try iphone for a change!

  2. kinjioleaf says:

    Want to trade for my HTC Desire? Haha… just joking.
    Haven’t tried mobile blogging. How you manage with anything smaller than Note? I have difficulty just writing comment but you blog?

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  4. auntielucia says:

    Hi Gintai, I got a lot of trinkets, costume jewellery, semi precious stone earrings etc to sell. Can give advice on where n how? Many thanks!

    • Aiyah so easy. U can go to my blog on the right under marketplace. Just click to access to some of the sites to sell your things. If the price is right people will buy. It may be rubbish to you but gold to others.
      It’s better that u post some pics if you want to sell them on the net. Just register on the web site ie phing, gumtree, hardware zone etc which are free. There are so many others on the net.
      eBay you not only need to register with your credit card but also open a free PayPal account using your credit card. It’s easy for transactions. U can go to eBay under community to study more. They teach u there.
      If u don’t want to meet your buyers you can specify that items will be sent by post. Use ur email to communicate with your buyers.
      Just give a try and enjoy the fun.
      Of course the other practical way is just go to Sungei Rd to sell your items. No need to pay rents. Every weekend it’s jam packed! Or u just offer to those sellers there. They will sell after buying from you at a small profits of course. Check it out.

  5. auntielucia says:

    Hey, OK thks! U won’t like to be my middle man? Just joking. Btw, I really like your post about your job/career/work philosophy. Would have commented there but comments closed. I too had started working life wanting to do just that (what u are doing I mean) but ambition got in the way. And I much regret getting side-tracked. Really!

    • Dont regret lah. Life is good if you just see it on the positive side. Thank you Aunt Lucie for your support and comments on my blog. It is my honour to be patronised by your goodself. Keep on writing so that I got something to read and keep me occupied lah!

  6. patriot says:

    Me got a pair of Made in Japan Kenwood Karaoke
    speakers Model: S-K701 in beautiful working condition
    to dispose off at SID$150.

    Any offer?


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