Two Craftsmen 兩隻老鼠


















The English version…

Once upon a time in a far away land there was a kingdom with two outstanding craftsmen. They were both of equal skill and the best in the kingdom.

One day the King decided to find out who was the best between the two craftsmen. The King decided to hold a contest giving the two craftsmen three days to complete a carving of a mouse.

After three days, the King and his court officials unanimously agreed that craftsman A crafted the best mouse. It looked so real and they could not differentiate between a live mouse that the crafted wooden mouse. The King then decided to award the title of best craftsman in the kingdom to craftsman A.

Craftsman B with his crafted plain-looking mouse protested and challenged the King to get some cats to judge whose crafted mouse was the best. Only the cats would appreciate which mouse was the best! The King agreed to the challenge to placate and propitiate the rights of craftsman B. The King believed that not only justice must be done but also must be seen to be done in his Kingdom for his majesty prided himself as a fair impartial enlightened King.

Lo and behold, when the school of cats were released to judge the two pieces of crafted mice, all the cats rushed towards the plain-looking crafted mouse. Those cats attacked the plain-looking mouse ferociously. They did not bother to even look at the much presentable real looking wooden mouse of craftsman A. Clearly those cats thought the plain-looking mouse was a better mouse.

The King and all his officials were perplexed by this outcome. Craftsman B explained that he had used a big piece of “fish bone” to craft out a mouse. It may be plain-looking but those cats simply could not resist the pungent aroma of the fishy smell. It’s the material quality and ingredients of the crafted mouse that matter and not the exterior appearance.

The enlightened King remarked that he had learnt an important lesson in life!


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