The Fox and The Leopard


A leopard and a fox lived in a forest under the same tree. The leopard always bullied the fox and made fun of him as he was a weakling.

“My dear slave,” the leopard told the fox, “Do you think there is any animal more handsome than me in the whole forest? Look at my glossy spotted coat. Look at my long slender legs. I can run so fast that no animal can catch me.”

“Look at you!” he continued. “You are so small and puny. You can never match my good looks.”

The fox realized that he could not compete with the leopard either in looks or in strength. But the fox was a smart fellow.

“If you really are so fast and strong,” said the fox, “Let us check it out. Can you see that big tree far away on the horizon? Let us see who can run around it and come back first?”

“Sure,” said the leopard and he was off in a flash.

The fox knew that a ferocious lion lived under that tree and it wouldn’t spare anyone who came that way. He didn’t bother to run.


“You may have good looks,” thought the fox. “But it would have been better if you had a little more smartness inside your head.” That was the last that the smart fox saw of the leopard.

Moral: Sometimes, brain is better than brawn.


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