PRC student calls Singaporeans ‘PIGS’ and hurls insults at Malay community


Two days after Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong called on Singaporeans not to ‘target’ PRC immigrants because of NUS PRC scholar Sun Xu’s offensive remarks on there being ‘more dogs than humans in Singapore’, another PRC national has learnt from his ‘example’ and hurled expletives at Singaporeans on the Lion City Forum.

In a thread titled in Chinese “Singapore is a brain-dead holy place to die”, PRC student “litong2865” ranted at Singaporeans:

“The entire Singapore is like a gathering of rubbish, got Malay xxx, Indian xxx…”


He also called on PRC students studying in Singapore to return to China:

“PRC students here should switch to other countries or return to China, don’t increase their GDP…Singapore pigs look down on PRC Chinese. They are only interested to earn your money…”


His rant was apparently shared by many PRC netizens who applauded him for it with one of them…

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