Who is the smartest?


In the kingdom of Vijaynsgar, there lived a wealthy and proud woman named Vidyullatha. She was so proud of her education that she announced 1000 gold coins to anyone who would prove smarter than her.

People from all over the kingdom came to compete with her, but none won.

One day, the king urged Raman, “You must go and teach this proud woman a lesson.”

So, Raman, dressed as a firewood vendor went to Vidyullatha’s house and yelled, “Firewood! Buy good firewood from me.”


“I will buy the wood,” said Vidyullatha.

“How much?”

“A handful grain,” said Raman.

“Okay,” she agreed. But when she gave a handful of grains he would not accept it.


“You promised me a handful grain. I want the correct amount,” he complained.

“This is what I agreed,” she said.

“No, this is not it,” argued Raman.

Finally, they decided to approach the king for help in settling the argument. The woodcutter told the king, “Your majesty we agreed for a handful of grain. Not a handful of grains. So, what I asked for was a grain that fills the entire hand.”

The king turned to Vidyullatha and said, “Well, you either give him what he asked for or give him the 1000 gold coins you promised to the one who would prove himself smarter than you.”


Vidyullatha was shocked speechless at the turn of events. She realized that she had just lost the competition to a firewood seller. Her pride had taken a toll.

She paid the money as requested and left the palace in a hurry. Raman and the king never let anyone know the truth that the wood seller was Raman in disguise.



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