Tree falls and crushes car along Upper Bukit Timah road


AsiaOne | Sat, Mar 31, 2012

A big tree fell on two cars along Upper Bukit Timah Road, crushing one of them and causing a major traffic jam along the road.

According to pictures sent in by eyewitnesses, one of them appears to be a black Vios car, with the tree trunk having landed across the roof over its back passenger seats.

The car was described to be badly damaged with windows broken and body crushed. However, there have been no reports of injuries so far.

According to Mr Michael Lee, 51, the driver of the black vehicle, the car was stationary and he was waiting at a light when the tree fell.

He was the only passenger in the car at that time.

The second car involved had its car tyres caught by the branches of the fallen tree.

However, the female driver in the second car managed to dislodge them and drive off.

According to a spokesperson for Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF), they received news of the accident at 12.18pm.

SCDF officers reached the scene four minutes later.

A fire engine and an ambulance were also dispatched to the scene. However, as there were no injuries, the ambulance left the scene shortly.

The cause of the tree breaking has not yet been determined.

Mr Lee said the Singapore Land Authority (SLA) should do a better job of maintaining the condition of the trees.

Speaking to an AsiaOne reporter, he said that ‘flimsy would be an understatement’ to describe the condition of the tree.

According to SCDF, the National Parks Board (NParks) will conduct investigations to determine what happened.

I blog about falling trees exactly two weeks ago. Luckily no one was injured in this case. Pls click here for the blog post. I do not wish to repeat the details here. Read that entry for details.

The authority’s lackadaisical attitude towards falling trees is a major cause for concern. What can we do? The usual standard reply is “Act of God!” or “We can’t go against mother nature” to explain away such incompetency.

“According to SCDF, the National Parks Board (NParks) will conduct investigations to determine what happened” Unquote

When genuine feedback is given, they brush it off giving standard template reply. I term them “parasites” living on taxpayers! Pls click here for the blog post.

In the meantime, Heads will still stay intact drawing huge pay and bonus package. Business as usual for them with their iron rice bowl secured. Our sympathy goes to the victims. In the meantime, we just pray hard that we shall not be next in line!

What can we do to them? We are given a chance to remove an incompetent MP once in five years. But we can’t remove the Head of Dept in the civil service. That is my version of the “paradox” of government!


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2 Responses to Tree falls and crushes car along Upper Bukit Timah road

  1. agongkia says:

    Your “Thien Yew Pu Cher Feng Yun “should be use here.Act of God,Cannot expect tree fall means head must roll.I am a understanding citizen.
    Moral of the story and solution?
    No need to remove any MP or Head.How you remove oso the same.In the end you kenna remove until you dun know.Must be cool.
    If there is a need to remove,I would suggest to remove the requirement of putting on seat belt.That can save life.
    In my opinion,we should do away with the penalty for not putting on seat belt while driving.
    Trees can fell any time,container can even fell from truck and flatten a van while cornering.Driver with seat belt on with such situation need to loosen seat belt upon such unexpected event to escape.A split of second,its a matter of life and death.Those without seat belt can escape faster than those with seat belt on.Ask that keppel road van driver.
    With so many fallen trees,I hope we can consider to allow driver to drive without seat belt on.
    Just my thought to avoid unnecessary casualty.I only hope to save life,no intention to offend anyone.Dun remove me please.

    • Studies have shown that on impact in an accident, seat belts can save life. That’s why all cars got seat belts. It’s law in almost every country.
      It’s true we can’t avoid disaster. But those in charge shld help prevent or minimize it. When feedback given abt dangerous trees with high probability of falling, something must be done to ensure public safety. That was my point.
      I hope you won’t kena by one of those falling trees. Thks for your comment.

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