Don’t be greedy and act stupidly!


A Stupid Fox

One day, a hungry fox was looking for food when he saw a rabbit. At once it ran after the rabbit.


The rabbit ran into a small hole. The fox tried to follow the rabbit but the hole was too small for him.


The fox tried again and again to squeeze himself into the hole. Finally, he succeeded in getting into the hole.


In the hole, the fox saw the frightened rabbit. He caught the rabbit and ate it.


After eating the rabbit, his stomach was very full. Then he decided to go home.


The fox tried very hard to squeeze himself out of the small hole. However, he could not get out because his stomach had grown bigger.

The fox had to stay in the hole until he was hungry again. When he got out after three days, he was very tired and thin.

Moral : Don’t be greedy and act stupidly!


About Gintai_昇泰

I'm a Chinese Singaporean living in the Eastern part of Singapore. I tweet on current affairs & inspirational quotes. I blog on issues or events if they interest me. I write for pleasure. I also write mainly for my family and friends.
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7 Responses to Don’t be greedy and act stupidly!

  1. Joyce says:

    This story could be related to Sporeans,chasing their dream,remain sleeping just to live in their dream and woke up broke as all jobs taken by foreigners and Sporeans became broke


  2. kuaychap_kia says:

    This story is very appropriate for singaporean businessmen. They want high profit margin, low expenses. All for their own profit only. Pay cheap cheap everything increase price. The person who owns shop unit jack up rental many times, the person who rents it increase char kuaw teow price many times. The man who eat the kuaw teow now having to pay more. He is actually a tuition teacher and he tutor the shop owner’s son- he also increase tuition fees because standard of living too high


    • Hi kuaychap,
      You are very perceptive. A seemingly innocent story has many underlying meanings and hidden messages.
      Yes it’s a vicious cycle we are caught. Not all inflation is imported. Don’t be fooled by what you read. It’s goes right down from those corporate GLCs who control the land, property and economy! They reap and we pay! The richer get richer and the poor get poorer! For example I got tons of money and I bid the highest for all the coffeeshops in the estate or neighbourhood. I control a chain of coffee shops and then I jack up the prices! A can of drink from the supermarket costs fifty cents but I sell it in my coffee shops for $1.50! You have no choice but to buy from me cuz all the food courts and coffee shops charging the same price and own by me! That is the reality. Langgar lah!


  3. ape says:

    We used to have successful people sharing their success by building schools and hospitals. These actions in turn benefits the general populace who can gets educated and improve their overall well-being. In return, the successful people have better educated and healthier employees. Most importantly, their wanted to help as many people as they can and leave a legacy.


    • Yes u are correct. Those were true blue indigenious citizens who became rich and wanted to give back to society. They benefited from the society and they felt like giving back to improve the poor and wretched fellow citizens. They wanted to leave a legacy. Tan Tock Seng hospital is one of the many. But now we have got nearly a third of FTs and immigrants from outside with diff culture and background. They refuse to take up citizenship. After they made tons of money here and sell off their resale HDB flats at a profits, they just pack up and retire to their kumpung. If they take up citizenship their CPF will be locked up. U think they are stupid?
      Now everything is out sourced and they only interested in bottom line with only profits in mind. In such an environment of dog eat dog self centered climate do you think there will be kind hearted philanthropist like Tan Tock Seng? Maybe there is. Just give a million for a hospital to be named after you! How kind hearted?


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