The Two Shall Become One …


This evening (11/3/12), I attended my 1st cousin David’s wedding at Furama Hotel located at Havelock Road. My 1st cousin David’s father is my mother’s younger brother. In other words, he is a relative from my mother’s side.

I hardly know David at all. He is now 35 yrs old. His bride aged 32 yrs I was told work in the office. I only meet them during CNY. Usually during the CNY, I bring my parents to visit my 1st uncle in Pandans Gardens.

For some reason, we didn’t visit them during the last CNY. I met him nearly 2 years ago when our grandmother passed away. The last was last year at another funeral near to his place. It’s his grandmother that time – my eldest uncle’s mother in law.

This evening, I brought my mum to attend David’s and Eleanor’s wedding at Furama Hotel. I was quite surprised when he greeted me with a warm hand shake. We were shown to the VIP table. David and his bride, their parents and the other uncles were all seated at the same table.


Everything was organized by the couple. There was a short video presentation of the newly minted couple with nice romantic music played on three big projectors in the ballroom. This was followed by an impressive presentation of the first dish.





There was a three piece live band with a lady singer to entertain the guests. I heard from the lady compere cum singer that all the English and Chinese songs were specially selected by the couple.

Since we were seated at the VIP table, every dish was served individually. I would have preferred to help myself to the food instead of being served. It made eating less exciting and lacking in action.



The food was above average. I was impressed with the steamed prawns and garoupa fish. They were very fresh. I like the free flow of beer and wine but couldn’t drink much as I was driving. I drank only two glasses of beer. Being on the VIP table surely the service standard was impeccable!

We left at about 10.30 pm. Overall, it’s quite an enjoyable experience.

I wish the newly minted couple all the best in the years to come.

May Their Matrimonial Bliss Last For One Hundred Years!








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  1. zack Ali says:

    Bro your cousin Wedding was nothing compared to Najib daughter engagement treception,he spend 400k…for the dinner alone…the only differences is that he used peoples money…

    • Datuk,
      Hahaha! Is that so? I didn’t know. I only know that the Burnese General’s daughter? So much diamonds and gold on her macam Christmas tree dah! This one even more langgar!

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