Restaurant at Gohtong Jaya, Genting Highlands


Last week, I brought my guests to Genting Highlands. After a day ‘above the clouds’, we decided to have dinner at the Gohtong Jaya area on the way down.

We ordered some dishes and decided to have a steamed fish as well. So the captain recommended ‘Sultan fish’. The steamed fish came. HALF, and plain steamed. Good & fine.

But when the bill came, it came to over RM$500 !! We were shocked !! We were told the fish was 1.4kg ( please bear in mind, it’s ONLY HALF A FISH ) at RM$320 per kg! It cost RM$420!! This was daylight robbery. We were not informed by the Captain that a kg of the Sultan fish would cost us RM$320 and there was also no sign of such pricing anywhere in the restaurant.

When we checked with the cashier, she told us, it’s correct !!

Of course, it was our mistake for not asking the price first.

Anyway, on the way back to KL, we stopped at ‘Unique Seafood’, Petaling Jaya, where one can choose a live fish. The most expensive Soon Hock swimming in the tank was RM$135 per kilo. Asked them about the Sultan fish, it’s going for RM$100 a kilo.

From : Goh KK

PS: I have received the above email at least five times. If you look at the receipt it’s dated 20/3/08. I did check on the restaurant when I was at Gohtong Raya. Indeed, there was this restaurant still doing brisk business.


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