Symptoms of Decay and Rotting at it’s Core!


戏者,罅也。xi zhe xia ye
罅者,涧也。xia zhe jian ye
涧者,成大隙也。jian zhe cheng da xi ye

鬼谷子 Gui Guzi

Translation of the above three verses written in the classical Chinese tradition.

“When we do not pay attention to a fault line, it is going to become a small fissure.

When we do not repair a small fissure, it is going to grow into a slit.

If we still not take any remedial action, a big crack will soon appear and become so big that collapse becomes inevitable.”

By Gui Guzi

Is the above wisdom articulated more than 2,000 years ago during the period of Spring and Autumn (722BC to 481BC) in ancient China by a wise sage sound familiar?

It is generally acknowledged that Gui Guzi’s treatise on state craft is on par with Sun Zi’s Art of War (孙子兵法)

Read this blog post written by a typical Singaporean. It’s a sample all over blogosphere showing the decay and rotting at its core !

Popular blogger Redbean’s lamentations!

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