My Take On The Sun Xu Debacle


PAP MP for Tampines GRC Baey Yam Keng says …
“No matter where a scholarship comes from, nationality should not factor into the decision of who receives it…Whether they are a GLC (government-linked company), the government or a private company, they all want good people to work for them,” he said. Link to the source.

He added that a scholarship should be awarded based on “meritocracy”, and should not be allocated specifically to locals or foreigners.

“If a local is as good or better than the foreigner, I think the local should get it. It shouldn’t be because I want a foreigner, therefore I will settle for (a candidate with) a lower standard… because ultimately people want good talents, so the nationality should not be an issue at all,” he added. Unquote

If scholarships are given based ONLY on MERIT let me tell you once and for all, including that smart MP who was proud to be born in the year of the dog, locally born indigenous citizens will never stand a chance! This is a sad fact of life regardless whether you accept it or not.

If you could recall didn’t our supremo senior Lee keep saying that our local born Chinese including that controversial MP scholar are the offspring of poor and dispossessed desperate landless farmers who could not make a living in the southern coastal areas of China? They had no choice but to seek a better life via emigration. In other words, our forefathers were the desperate wretched lowly inhabitants of Southern China.

Whereas, those who did well – the rich and smart mandarins and merchants didn’t want to risk their comfortable lifestyle so they stayed on. The uneducated dispossessed farmers left. Thus our forefathers came from this pool of social outcasts. Like it or not it’s a historical fact enunciated succinctly by our founding father. We didn’t inherit any of the coveted scholarly genes!

That is not all. When asked of all places in China why chose Suzhou to invest and open our first industrial park? The same founding father and architect of modern Singapore says that it is a tradition that usually those top mandarins in Beijing (seat of govt/power) would retire to the countryside in Suzhou because of its warmer weather and beautiful scenery not forgetting the beautiful maidens also. In those days, polygamy was practiced. It’s quite normal for the rich in China to take on many wives. That perpetuated their brilliant gene pool.

In other words, Suzhou gene pool – thanks to those retired top mandarins was much better. Hence, we chose that place to pump in tons of money to develop an industrial park. In the end, we got outwitted by those “ingrates!” They duplicated another similar cheaper industrial park nearby to compete with us.

The above facts support a general view that there is vast amount of talented people in China. Some like senior Lee believe its in their inherited gene pool. I would rather say its due to their huge 1,000 over million of humanity.

Let us just take China’s 1 billion population. 1% of China’s population is 10 million. 0.1% is 100 thousand. When we say scholars it means the best brains in the country or creme de la creme. Read here for story.

Imagine just China and India with a huge combined mass of humanity – they can easily harvest the best geniuses as compared to our paltry 3 million plus local citizens! That is why China, India and those big countries with huge base of humanity always excel in the Olympics games, World Cup soccer, Asian games and many other international sporting events! Even our world class paddlers originated from China. They were not born here. Tiny Red Dot won’t stand a chance in those international events at all.

Those Chinese in South-east Asia share this common ancestry elaborated earlier. Whereas, those Chinese in Taiwan are different. They are the offspring of defeated KMT from the mainland. One prominent Taiwanese referred to our unflattering forefathers. It created lots of controversy.

Now we have the latest China scholar Sun Xu in National University of Singapore calling us dogs when we paid so much for his studies here. It was not the first and will not be the last that we are reminded of our “heritage!”

To cut it short – we never had any scholar gene in us. Those scholars and real mandarins during our forefathers’ time remained in China. In whatever millions we pump in to create an elite class based on our paltry 3 over million indigenous gene pool will only result in “paraplegic scholars that are feted and chaperone around the system like crippled mandarins!” Quote from Darkness 2012.

Now coming back to that dog year MP’s statement that scholarships should be awarded based on merit only. Do Singaporeans stand a chance? As the government, it should intervene and put a cap of say 10% to 20% given to the best foreigners whereas the rest should be invested in our own citizens whom are akin to our children! The father should take care of own children and not other people’s children no matter how good they are.

If it’s a private company or enterprise wanting the best talent when awarding scholarship we can understand. Should the government follow them? There is a difference between taxpayers’ money and corporate earnings. Please do not lump them together and get confused.

My brother applied for study loan for his NUS degree programme in the mid 1980s but was rejected! Dr Tony Tan was the Education Minister then telling parliament that NO SINGAPOREANS WILL BE DEPRIVED of a place in the university if he qualified when the tuition fees were raised substantially! Really?

Mind you study loan need to be paid back to the government. It’s not free. The reason is becuz he was not an officer in NS. But then he still sacrificed two years of his life serving NS and later reservist like so many citizens protecting the country and foreigners of course.

My lorry driver father had to work like shit from 6am to 10pm to pay for his studies. I also had to forgo my further studies to join as a regular in the SPF to earn extra. If I had gone for NS, the NS allowance of $110 then was definitely not enough to survive.

During a parliamentary session this week, it was revealed that the Singapore government spends some $36 million dollars on scholarships to over two thousand students each year, or about S$174,00 per scholar. However, only 45 percent of the foreign scholars obtained Second Class Honors and above as compared to 36 percent of locals. Unquote

Honestly, if I declare my support for this government, I must be a hypocrite. The bitterness and disappointment with this government deepens and widens more than ever. Do they protect, defend and care for our children? Instead, they declare to the whole world that they want the best irrespective of nationality. Scholarship is ONLY based on merit they insist! Your place of birth is not a factor! What kind of shit logic is it? What kind of government are we having here? Why are we paying millions to this government always supporting foreigners be it scholarships or jobs? I am really at a loss!

Read here to understand that even our children feel threatened!

We are all – most of the poor – born in KK hospital – citizens of Singapore. I spoke the truth. But the hard truth hurts. The government should do the right thing by declaring once for all – that whether scholarship is based ONLY on merit? What’s the use of having a government then if they are run like a private enterprise?

With wages stagnant and soaring inflation coupled with the recent education fees hike across the board, many parents will have to pay through their noses by dipping deeper into their CPF savings or working longer hours to cope!

No wonder they felt indignant with the government acting like “Santa Claus” throwing millions of hard cash to those foreign students. Thus, Sun Xu is the spark ignited by that dog year MP! It is a whole policy issue that has gone awry notwithstanding the fact that we generally agree that some scholarships need to be awarded to foreign students for all those altruistic reasons given by the government. Moderation not extremity is the key to the crux of this controversy! Really langgar!

Got it? But those retards collecting millions of salary from tax payers simply don’t understand this basic simple logic and that even my 13 year old understands! Sigh ….!

Yes! I was born in the year of the dog!

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18 Responses to My Take On The Sun Xu Debacle

  1. redbean says:

    Hi Gintai, this scholarship thing is going to blow up into someone’s face. The people are angry.
    Just ask the guy who is so generous to give to anyone on merit to use his money and see what happens. I bet he will run like hell and not be seen again.

    • Only a retard shooting his own leg will declare that “scholarship is based on merit!” given the fact that taxpayers’ money is being used! Your birthplace is not a factor when considering the scholarship. This is not a private company using profits or earnings to pay for talent. It’s really about the govt taking care of local talent – our own children – who may not necessarily be the best in the world! It is our duty to groom our children to the best in the world by investing in his studies and giving him a good headstart in life. Simple truth yet they still dont get the picture. They just can’t see the wood from the trees. Really langgar!

  2. Darkness 2012 says:

    I can understand why so many Singaporeans and resident taxpayers are riled by the whole idea of dishing out scholarships to foreigners – believe me this I can understand and even sympathize with. As this idea seems to go against common sense viz-a-viz charity must FIRST begins at home i.e we should take care of our own first before giving out opportunities to foreigners.

    But an opportunity to study should NEVER be confused with charity. It is a strategic imperative, to put it in another way, it is a means to an end – the end is to ensure that Singapore remains competitive. Let us not fool ourselves – we are a small country with no land or natural resources. This means it will only be a matter of time before we will have to find a way to thrive in an environment of resource scarcity – and this means, a day will come when many of our children will be forced to work abroad. In all probability their first postings will probably be regional i.e Asean countries. If the scholarship program is able to create a network of Asean scholars, then this will bode very well for this new generation of technocrats who will have to be sent to hostile and far flung parts of the world to conduct trade and commerce.

    Recently a team of Chinese agronomist visited my plantation. During lunch they told me that they had progressed by leaps and bounds in the African theatre – this was surprising to me, as I know the region well and I have always considered Africa to be a difficult place to do business – but my Chinese guest was quiet insistent that he did not encounter much problems. When I asked why? He said, so many of their African counterparts they dealt with in senior positions in government were once educated in Beijing university – in their words, there was guanxi or shared experiences– this is a simple illustration of how the communist have successfully shaped their education program as a wonder weapon to further their goal of securing vital commodities and supplies globally.

    If we don’t learn to do this and do it well and even feel at ease with it, I have absolutely no illusions what happen to all of us in the future. You see my friends, every civilization needs to reconcile itself with the practical necessities of life, even the Americans needed to stare into that abyss, when they reconciled themselves with embracing Nazi rocket scientist to send an American farm boy to the moon to upset the Russians, what more for us? We will lose out in the long run, if we remain bovine and other countries will take the lead and they will stand to reap all the benefits, if we do not learn how to use education as a means of imperialism.
    Where do you think we will be then? I think when we look at these young scholars from all over the world who have come to Singapore to study. We should regard them kindly – this way they will bring back good memories of Singapore with them when they return back to their homes. And when our children one day go either Vietnam, Cambodia or Mindanao to seek concessions perhaps it will be easier for them like the Communist to do business.

    As for Baey, his silly comments do not help at all. He is clearly out of his depths. He should be reassigned to less challenging portfolio.

    This is strategic. Words cannot even begin to explain to all of you how important this will be in 5 or 10 years. I have so much work to do. Once again Gintai do forgive my windbag post.

    Darkness 2012

  3. Dear Darkness 2012,

    First I humbly thank you for dropping by. I feel privileged and honoured that you spent your valuable time penning this comment. I have read thru your comment at least three times. It makes perfect sense.

    With your logical and cool elaboration, you have once again open my eyes to see thru your perspective in this bigger scheme of things. It is a valuable lesson which I will surely inculcate to my 13 yr old son. It will bode well for him to understand the nature of “education” as a means to an end – an imperialist tool in your words.

    If that MP had adopted your posture in elucidating such a grand scheme with handsome dividends awaiting in 5 to 10 yrs time, then this controversy might be more bearable to bovine myopic minds!

    Nevertheless, the fact is that we are still a tiny artificial and fragile set up. We got to take into account of our limitations in terms of budget and affordability. It doesn’t make sense for statement like ” based only on merit” when we got an elected govt which just can’t seem to avoid making public gaffe after blunder. As it is, our National Defence is already $12 over billion out of our total budget of $40 over billion. A large chunk at the opportunity costs of other areas esp education and social services. It is further compounded by the ever increasing scholarships for foreigners.

    Our long term motive however noble and well intentioned should be done within our resource constraints. Communist China and Americans are big players on the world stage. We are nothing compared to them. But still like you say strategic networking is vital. That’s where we need a brilliant strategist in the like of Dr Goh KS to lead us on. Unfortunately, such great men is a scarcity nowadays.

    You should give those occupying the corridors of power a lesson or two on PR etc. You qualified immensely. I’m sure you could do a better job rather than being a farmer?

    Pls do not apologize on your long windedness. It’s here where life lessons are glean and captured for eternity. Thank you once again.

    PS: Pls collect that bamboo painting when you are ready. Hang it in your plantation and admire its timeless beauty & message.

  4. patriot says:

    MP Baey talked too much, much more than other MPs without Cabinet appointment. It is not wrong to talk if there are substance and wisdom, he however, just seemed to talk for want of attention. The people will weigh him, gauge him and their opinions are all over Blogoland now for all to see. MP Baey should be able to see for himself and be more careful before he speaks in future.

    MP Baey aside, Singapore has reached a point where it just has to have a lifeline dependent on outside sources which it has to find for itself. How to go about it is a very very complex issue. Me
    does not have any good idea to offer though i do understand the situation, it is beyond me, so to say. Do see light in Darkness 2012’s Comment.


    • That MP just apologized in parliament for his comments on this issue. However, he created another controversy by asking for more “leeway” for foreign workers in certain sectors! He really nvr learnt his lesson. Stirring up another hornets’ nest? He shld just lie low and talk less. If he must then pick a less sensitive issue to highlight.

      Yes, I always take Darkness 2012’s comments seriously. Lots to learn from him. Glad that he dropped by with some useful comments to share with us. Cheers.

  5. There are many ways to argue this. Locals should have some affirmative action esp when scholarship are funded by taxpayers monies. But nothing is clearly black/white. We should bring in foreign scholars, esp at a younger age so as to integrate them into our local culture. Ultimately, govt has to explain their rational rather than give figures and push through their policies.

    Darkness 2012 – gd story on the Africans and Chinese Unis.

    • Yes. Agree with you. More PR needed to convince locals rather than push it thru with cold figures. The soft approach is better.

      Yes, I know all the while that China is making inroads into Africa. In fact many Africans are learning Mandarin. They prefer the Chinese than those Western powers. They view the Chinese with trust. That is an interesting point raised by Darkness 2012.

      Thks for your comments.

  6. George says:

    May I add a little to the comments made by Darkness
    The Chinese has been cultivating African states for a long lone time, probably since the 60s or 70s. One of their early successes was the building of the Tanzanian railway.

    I think the current mess is a direct consequence of the rather spotty manner we have been governed for the last 40-50 years as a result of which many of our poorer citizens has been falling through the cracks of policies often designed with overweening pragmaticism at the expense of fairplay. The govt in one sense is merely reaping the fruits of its own checkered record. There would be little reasons for Singaporeans to take issue and umbrage if the govt has been seen to have been treating Singaporeans as well if not better than the foreign scholarship holders. This is not an unreasonable expectation of the voters since charity has always to begin at home. As things are, there are many issues and policies that serve only to alienate rather that foster the citizens’ support and confidence. For example, the govt’s concept and practice of ‘nil welfarism’ is so often carried to extreme, leaving in its wake hapless citizens who desperately need help.

    • Hi George,
      Thks for your contribution. You just hit the nail right thru the heart of the issue!

      Citizens feel alienated is the apt way of description. We do not fault the long term strategic benefits of giving freely scholarships to foreigners. But the majority of citizens esp those who have fallen thru the cracks not getting the help understandably habor extreme indignant anger at govt throwing millions on foreign students.

      This is fact that need to be addressed if the current govt intend to remain relevant to those bottom 20%! If there is growing unease and widespread discontent, the social fabric may crack and deteriorate further till breaking point. I still do not see any immediate drastic action undertaken apart from paying more lip service and bumbling blunders one after another!

      It’s really a langgar terus situation so to speak!

  7. theonion says:


    To his courage is correct that certain industries require more foreign labour, let me raise this query, how many would like to work in the service industries as cleaners/roadsweepers/chambermaids even if they were paid say S$1,200 per month.

    Yes, there would be some but the number of such would not be suficient
    Further, even for those of us here, if no further rental increase but wages are raised how many of us are willing to stomach an increase in hawker food prices.


  8. I feel that they shld address the pay issue. Firstly set a min pay. Many countries even in developing countries got this law. Look at those advance countries they also face the same issues as us. How they solve them. We got to learn from them. Rather than just take the easy option by increasing cheap foreign labour. One good example is construction industry. Why no locals want the job? If u look at Korea or the West, they dont have cheap foreign workers at all. They use locals – highly skilled craftsmen to work in the construction industry. We just import lots of cheap foreign workers cuz they say locals shun the job! Is it really so? We got to be careful abt such misleading info they tend to repeat cuz they want more and more quotas of cheap foreign workers. One day those foreign workers will be more than the 3 over million indigenous citizens. They will take over the whole place. Reflect on this. The bigger implication n consequences!

    Thks for your comment.

  9. Karen says:

    I’ve been reading blogs and articles about the issue. And I have many more to ask about the value of scholarship and education itself. The current economic state isn’t rosy. As Singaporeans, aren’t we supposed to tend to our own students and citizens first? We need to ask why foreigners like Sun Xu could dare make those remarks ? He is not the only one I have seen who talk about using a knife to wait for his foe, or cursing at those whom they do not like. If you look around and for those who teach, you will know that this is not a rare once-in-a blue moon scenario. Its actually very common. I am wondering the kind of economics we are running on. At this rate, if we do not sort Sun Xu’s case out, it would mean a lot of other interests at stake, which includes our national soverignty. I dont know how you all feel but as I read through the posts and the news, I can’t help but to worry about our future. We have an unpredictable world where economy is downright rotten with many fighting for jobs and their future. And yet over here, we have a ‘dog mess’ to clean up. Your guess is as good as mine if we do not even get this right.

  10. Yes I do see the point. It seems that the current govt just treat blogosphere as “noise” or cowboy town bordering on the fringe of lunatics. They just chose to ignore all these pent up frustrations and indignant views. Instead they produce figures to illustrate their points. They say foreign scholars scored higher better results etc. they just miss the whole point. They just can’t seem to empathize with the commoners who vote this govt.

    Continue to ignore feedback from the ground at their own perils. They will pay the price in the next GE. This is only one of the many issues that are gnawing at its core of discontent. Mark my words.

  11. theonion says:


    in reply, To be blunt, a lot of the problems came about because it was the solution to certain activist concerns.

    a) housing prices, well if you recall the downturn in prices 2001-2003 and almost 150,000 public housing flats empty. So try to reduce oversupply
    b) transport overcrowding, activist demanded that they not be transported by lorry anymore or only by bus increase by almost significant portion
    c) companies were leaving so encourage more

    So, yes, they overcompensated and they have taken heed to now try to change.

    as centrist, will just see what measures are taken and decide from thereon.

    The minimum wage is too blunt as it does not distinguish between experience and work.
    Further, if implemented, fine, are we willing to stomach the increase in inflation, eating out and other consumer necessities than is yet to be seen.

    So it will be gutwrenching, but unfortunately with globalisation and the internet, it will be interesting to see the changes in tacking to the winds of society.

    Although, i would agree to your comment on Darkness comments. However, in my humble thoughts, it would be difficult for those left out to accept.

    Agree that the ratio of foreign workers to locals needs to be tightened and enforced. At the same time, hope that people will actually file a complaint for actions to be taken.

  12. Yes. The problems are complex and overwhelming in our tiny country. But then other countries too have their own challenges.

    Many probs could have been avoided if the govt did not openly create and nurture this group of elitists drawing huge salary. I’m referring to GICs and NTUC virtually controlling the economy.
    Those elites drawing guaranteed huge salary only keen on bottom line. They got no empathy for the poor citizens at all. They throw some crumbs and expect them to be grateful.

    Look at Finland. How could they provide free education for their ppl from nursery to university? Of course I’m not saying that we shld have free education like the Finns. Just don’t keep increasing fees and we will be grateful!

    Until recently when the govt decided to build 10 more HCs, they refused to build any citing it as public consumption goods. They felt its not making money for them. We know coffee shops based on bids and free market. That is why their rental is so high resulting in high food prices. The hawkers centres are there to counter the high food prices in coffee shops and food courts. It’s all based on rents and the highest bid wins. You see this govt is only keen on making more and more money not knowing that certain things just can’t base on market prices eg HDB flats.

    We shld not run the country like a private corporation with market based salary, profits maximising etc. Govt is to moderate and control market forces for the overall common good of society. This shld be the guiding principle in good governance.

    Thks for your comments. I really appreciate it.

  13. theonion says:

    Finland and scandinivia works because they are homogenous societies.

    For information, VAT (GST) approx 20% and income tax up to 60%.

    Let me put this way, there are both good and bad in all systems, just choose unless you wish to be a transnational.

    The biggest problem for Singapore’s survival remains the same unless ASEAN becomes like EU, which is where we can retire or live in any ASEAN countries . Singapore does not have any hinterland or natural resources except for people and strategic locale (easily circumvented if lax eg Maersk and Evergreen).


    • Of course I’m aware of their high taxes n GST. Ours may be low but actually it’s very misleading. If u look at the whole picture it’s not so bad in their system. If you take into account the ridiculous COEs, maid levy, school fees esp tertiary, taxes in everything such electricity n water tariffs, hospital charges etc etc all these add up to the same. In those countries the high taxes collected are given back to the ppl in the forms of free education, hospital, social security, no COE etc

      Actually our CPF is a form of compulsory social tax. We can’t take the money anymore. It doesn’t belong to us. It will be given out in bits and pieces mthly only after 65 yrs. The same in those Western countries where it’s called the pension fund or social security. If u include the CPF we paying so there is not diff at all.

      At least they got all the freedom to vote or change the system if they are not happy. Whereas we speak with fear!

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