The Olde Cuban


Yesterday (23/2/12) evening, we celebrated Dr Mike’s 55th birthday at

The Olde Cuban
2 Trengganu Street
Singapore 508456

There was free flow of single malts, maotai, and cognac and a free flow of Cuban cigars.

Dr Mike emailed to all of us in “The Fellowship” more than three weeks in advance. Dr Mike says, “Be there or be square!”

In his usual style, he further reminded us, “Please DO NOT bring gifts; gifts make me cry – anyone with a gift for me will be turned away by the bouncers.” I wonder who are his bouncers. I thought I was always his bouncer?

I had to apply leave since I was working on that day. As usual, myself and Freddie went there together. We took a train from Pasir Ris to Outram Park then walked to the place at Chinatown. We arrived within 45 mins at about 8pm.

Since we would be having a party with free flow of drinks, it’s better that we took the train instead of driving. We left around 11.30pm to catch the last train back.

It was a huge turnout. Except for a handful not able to make it, 18 of us were there. It ended at about 1am. There was so much fun meeting members of this special fraternity of pipe and cigar enthusiasts. It was quite a while since the last occasion to witness such a huge turnout in full force.

Received an email from Dr Mike this morning …

“Thanks for the great party last night – we were there from 8pm till 1am! What a great turnout – total about 18; we were in the private inner sanctum of The Olde Cuban on the 4th floor and had the entire floor to ourselves. We consumed about 8 bottles of cognac, single malt and mao tai. What a great party!!!

You guys lived up to the maxim “Be there or be square!”

Thanks for the ang pow, the meerschaum pipe, the cake, the food, the gifts, the chocolates, the foie gras, the cards, the birthday wishes and most of all for your presence and fellowship.

Yes, on to more good years indeed!”

What a memorable event! I will always remember this great party of the year. It’s special cuz in Dr Mike’s words, “we occupied the entire 4th floor of Olde Cuban’s private inner sanctum!”

May Good Fortune and Excellent Health Stay With You Forever!













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12 Responses to The Olde Cuban

  1. agongkia says:

    The man in dark in the second picture look like one Raymond to me


  2. hct says:

    Hi there,

    By chance, I found your blog and was intrigued by your insights on the various issues which you had blogged about.

    Coincidentally, I used to served in the Singapore Police Force (‘SPF’) as well, albeit, I was much junior than you, having served in SPF between 2000 and 2006. I was the pioneer batch of the ‘Tango’ series (police officers with service ID beginning with a ‘T’).

    After moving on from SPF, I changed jobs frequently as I was lost and did not know my direction ahead.

    Subsequently, I went overseas to study. I completed my studies and returned to Singapore in December 2011. Upon my return to Singapore, I found that I had lost touch with many friends. As such, I am looking forward to getting to know friends and broaden my social circle and perspective.

    From your blog, I was glad to find the blog of Dr Michael Loh (‘Dr Loh’) as well. It is certainly not an understatement to say that the blog entries of both Dr Loh and you provide invaluable wisdom and lessons for the younger generation like me. I was particularly glad that both Dr Loh and you did not mince your words nor sugar-coat them; I absolutely appreciate the candidness of the words and the message that both of you had wanted to bring across.

    I suppose that apart from the opinions rendered on the issues, a common theme holds true, that good food, alcohol and cigars are enjoyed by Dr Loh and you. In this respect, I must admit that I am interested in good food, alcohol and cigars as well.

    I seek your kind indulgence that I had taken this opportunity in my message to you to make reference to Dr Loh. I had wanted to leave a message on his blog but comments were disabled on his blog. I do apologise sincerely if I had been out of order by doing so.

    Sincerely, I wonder if I may have the chance to join your social circle and make friends with you guys. It shall be my honour if I am given a chance to join any outings that you may have in future.



    • Hi hct,
      I’m flattered by your over generous “puji!” I’ve informed Dr Loh about your friendly gestures. I’ll get in touch with you. Thank you.


  3. hct says:

    Hi there,

    Sorry for my lack of knowledge. May I ask what is ‘puji’?

    Thank you so much. I just read your post about Mr Khoo Kheng Hor. It was nice!



  4. hct says:

    Oh I see. Well, in today’s world where people, for various reasons, sugar-coat their message or keep quiet for fear of getting into trouble, your candidness is a breath of fresh air and much to be appreciated.


    • Look out for my speech given to a local think tank on 20/10/12! It was well received.


      • hct says:

        Ok. Thanks lots, Sir.


      • hct says:

        Sorry, Sir. Where can I find your speech? I could not find it in your blog entries.


        • Not out yet. It’s scheduled to be published on 20/10/12! I’ll give u a copy if we meet up. It’s the last day of my blog. I won’t be blogging anymore after 20/10/12. We will talk when we meet. Thks.


          • hct says:

            Ok. Sorry for jumping the gun and failing to realise that its only 10/10/2012 today. Its a pity to learn that you will not be blogging after that. Hope to meet up and chat. Thanks. Take care.


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