Sex or Six in Hole?

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Recent investigations have shed more light into the online vice syndication case involving a number of high officials who had patronised these services.

It was said that at least two prostitutes were involved in the recent expose. They started soliciting online two years ago and they both look sexy, have large breasts and long hair. At least six suspects including high-ranking civil servants from various government departments and businessmen were said to have patronised the same prostitute. One of them is a former principal from a well-known school.

These high-ranking civil servants, bank executives, senior vice president of a private company and the principal, have since resigned from their jobs after the incident was exposed in December.

After further investigations, a Shin Min Daily News reporter also discovered that there was more than one prostitute involved in this case. It was also found that more than one online prostitution website have been busted.

Source: Shin Min Daily News, 11 February 2012

Interesting revelations here. Better than Edison Chen’s wongal exploits! It seems that our top echelon elite of society have a penchant for sexy young females with “large breasts and long hair!”

No wonder that guy made millions from boobs jobs before he exited to enter the “holy order.” Presumably, their spouses do not have those attributes, so those “chiko pek” got to source online.

When I joined SPF in Mar 1983, I was reminded countless times by my experienced instructors who were seasoned law enforcement officers never to get involved with women or gambling. Those two vices often led to their downfall. They have seen it countless times.

The pay is quite comfortable if one leads a simple life. If one gets into gambling such as horses (no casinos then) or the stock market, that is the end of the road. He will be forced into corruption to settle his mounting gambling debts.

That very senior officer who “borrowed” from the Boys’ club funds to speculate on shares was dishonorably discharged with rank demotion.

What about women? It comes in many forms. If you are a married man getting entangled with your woman colleague or subordinate, it becomes misconduct. If she is an accused person or a complainant, it’s a clear cut case of corruption.

Definition of Corruption –
The Prevention of Corruption Act
Section 5 Chapter 241

“Any person who shall by himself or in conjunction with any other person –
(a) corruptly solicit or receive or agree to receive for himself or for any other person; or
(b) corruptly give, promise or offer to any person whether for the benefit of that person or of another person any gratification as an inducement to or reward for, or otherwise on account of –
( i ) any person doing or forbearing to do anything in respect of any matter or transaction whatsoever, actual or proposed; or
( ii ) any member, officer or servant of a public body doing or forbearing to do anything whatsoever, actual or proposed in which such public body is concerned,
shall be guilty of an offence and shall be liable on conviction to a fine not exceeding $10,000 or to imprisonment for a term not exceeding 5 yrs or to both.”

Let me recollect some interesting cases in the eighties in SPF. Those old timers will know who I am referring to. There was this Bayi senior officer caught half naked with his dick exposed dog style in the middle of the night in the conference room of a police station when his team of junior officers barged in with spare key.

That WPC immediately cried rape and proceeded to lodge a report. It was subsequently revealed that she was promised Sgt rank if she were to oblige him. That talented veteran DSP was later dismissed.

Another dramatic case happened years ago in an NPP. Husband (also in SPF) ambushed and caught a senior Staff Sgt in a compromising position with his WPC wife. Both ran for their life and abandoned the NPP with the irate husband chasing after them whom were in messy attire.

The senior Staff Sgt was dismissed but the WPC was demoted of her rank.

There was also a brilliant very senior president scholar officer whose looks similar to 猪八戒 got infatuated with a young sexy WPC. That smart WPC “tangkap kahwin” when she was his official chauffeur. She offered and he couldn’t resist. They wongal in the official car. He had to marry her to avoid misconduct. Years later, they divorced.

The joke was that he spent all his time studying for perfect scores and never never savor the forbidden nectar. When he chanced upon, he jumped on it to devour at his own perils. Langgar!

What about the few POs on patrol who gang rape a Thai prostitute from Red Lantern in Clifford Pier. They were subsequently arrested and charged in court. They were jailed and lost their pension.

Women will get you into trouble is proven throughout the ages since time immemorial. When you thought you could get away with it but then unexpectedly got caught with your pants down.

In ancient China, warlords and emperors fought over Chinese beauties. Just like animals in the savage world fought tooth and nails over the right to mate. Remember the face that launched a thousand ships in ancient Greece?

Even Clinton succumbed to this favourite pastime and entertainment in the White House by using his cigar to probe about. There are many more unreported cases in our midst. If you are not caught it’s no offence. But when you are caught it’s a lifetime regret.

Our scholars i.e. the recent two itchy monkeys are not immuned to the lure of sweet honey pot. They are not the first and they won’t be the last. History will repeat itself. Mark my words.


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14 Responses to Sex or Six in Hole?

  1. Mike Loh says:

    Ha ha I like that pic and what amazing things a ring can do! Btw, who’s that guy who made millions from boob jobs before he exited to enter the “holy order”? What’sApp me!


  2. In order for it to work, it must be a diamond ring. Others won’t work I assure you.


  3. patriot says:

    Hey Man!

    got to balance 早知今日,何必当初? with ‘ying xiong nan kuo mei ren guan’, meaning man(gender) has difficulty to resist beautiful girl) and easily gets tempted. It is the nature of man as You have rightly put it. Emperors were also known to ‘yao mei ren, bu yao jiang shan'(prefer beauty over throne), the beauty of woman can ruin not just a man, it could ruin a nation making it chaotic as well, with the ruler hypnotized by beauty and neglecting all his duty.

    What is interesting to me with regard the many recent incidents of important(not impotent) men
    getting popular in the news is not their exploits, but the controversies generated. It is not just about political and or social correctness and justice. From the arguments in the Blogoshere, many and me tends to believe that they are mostly man, maybe some lady folks too, seems to find man sleeping around with unmarried women is acceptable or at least ‘not a serious mistake/misdeed.
    From observations that me has made, most grandparents, parents, siblings and others in general care very little and or are nonchalant when unmarried men in their family sleep around with unmarried women.

    When a woman got married, she becomes invariably possessive and demands absolute fidelity from the husband contrary to her tolerance of the male family members flirting around. This phenomenon seems universal. Now, single women and even married ones are ALSO behaving much like the man folks, sleeping around is no more taboo to them. BUT, the man folks in the past, now and dare i say even till the end of time will not tolerate their wives from any such sexual romping. So, the Question is; is man and woman equal? If not, why?



  4. My favorite idioms:
    1. 英雄難過美人關 (Ying xiong nan guo mei ren guan) – Even a hero finds it hard going against a beauty.
    2. 人閒最毒婦人心  (Ren jian zui du fu ren xin) – The mind of womankind is the most fiendish thing in this world.

    I won’t use the word “fair or equal” on the sexes. It’s just like the Yin and Yang. Between them which is more equal than the other? The Yin or Yang? They are actually complementing each other. One can’t exist without the other. Same goes to the sexes. They are created with diff roles attributes. Women don’t serve NS whilst men don’t give birth etc…
    My two cents’ worth. Thks for your feedback.

    PS: Your understanding of Chinese is impressive.


  5. agongkia says:

    Ren Bu Fung Liu Wang Shao Nian.
    Since its a saying,there must be some logic.
    On visiting Char Bor and paying for their services,I am one who feel that whether visiting them online or in the redlight area is fine.Men have their reason to do so and it is nothing offensive.

    These professional service provider helps to reduce sexual crime rate indirectly and their contribution is great,just that we cannot feel.I wish I can support them but forever I got no money to spare.

    Please try to understand them and not be harsh on such cases.

    I like your posting.


  6. demonaga says:

    I like the 2 picture below … Its got facts in it … The legs were closed when the ring box was close…and than The legs open when the ring was displayed lol


  7. patriot says:

    E Marketing ones’ personal service
    SHOULD be made legal.
    As far as prostitution is concerned,
    me think providing the service thru
    the Internet is a lot healthier than
    the service providers soliciting for
    customers themselves or through
    the pimps.
    the Cyber-customers have much
    less physical exposure at the Red
    Districts which could save them from
    some discomfit.



    • Quite true. If there is a demand then there will always be sellers. It’s a free market. If its banned only force them to go underground. Reminds me of 4D. When the govt legalized 4D, illegal 4D dies off. The world’s oldest profession can never be eradicated. What we need here is more regulation and not suppression.


    • agongkia says:

      There is a difference between getting service thru internet and visiting the place personally.The experience and thrill is difference.


  8. Mike Loh says:

    I know I too have joked about the ring opening er, doors. But let’s be fair, guys. We can’t blame the women. We need to manage our libido and keep our dicks in our pants. Sometimes a cold shower helps.


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