The Bundle of Sticks


There lived in a village a wise old man and his three sons. The old man had lived a happy and content life and had saved enough money to give his three sons. “With the money I give them, they will be able to live a happy and comfortable life,” he thought.

Alas ! It was not to be. The three sons were always quarreling with each other. This made the old man very sad.

One day the old man fell very sick and felt that his end was near. “Please come and sit beside me,” he called out to his three sons. “I want you to do something for me.”

“What is it?” they asked him in unison.

He then took out a bundle if sticks tied tightly in the middle and gave it tili then. “Now, break this bundle for me.” he told them.

First the eldest brother tried with all his might but he couldn’t succeed. Then the other two brothers also tried and failed.

He then called them to his side. He took the bundle and untied the rope that bound them.

“I can now easily break the sticks one by one,” he told them. “Even though the sticks are of different lengths and thickness, when they were together they were unbreakable.”

“When the three if you leave your differences aside and stand together as one, then you will be much stronger and happier than you are now.”

The three sons learnt their lesson and from that day lived and worked with each other to live a happy life.

“Unity gives strength!”


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I'm a Chinese Singaporean living in the Eastern part of Singapore. I tweet on current affairs & inspirational quotes. I blog on issues or events if they interest me. I write for pleasure. I also write mainly for my family and friends.
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2 Responses to The Bundle of Sticks

  1. patriot says:

    When Singaporeans are fragmented
    and un-united, we will be weak against
    In this story, the old man gave money
    and did all he can to unite his sons.
    There could be old man expecting and
    wanting money from his children and
    care not how his children fare in life.

    Even if his children are working like
    slaves and his(the old man) pockets
    are overflowing with money, he will still
    wants more as if he will never die.

    Not all old man are kind and wise,
    more often, man becomes greedy
    and muddle-headed as he ages.



  2. Thks for your comments. Interesting angle you are looking at. I didn’t think of that. Pls refer to my comments under the post “2 Crows and a snake!” Thks.


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