The Clever Crow


The summer sun was blazing above. The earth was parched and water was scarce. The ponds and lakes were drying up. The animals and birds could find very little water to drink.


There was a thirsty crow, looking for water everywhere. Not a single drop of water could he find. After a long search, he found a pot with a little water in it.

Unfortunately, the pot was huge and the water was deep down. There was no way the crow could reach the water. His throat was dry and he had to find a way to get to the water. The unfortunate crow felt as if he was going to die of thirst.

“There must be some way that I can reach the water,” he thought. “I have to find it.”

As he was desperately looking around, he saw pebbles on the ground.

An idea struck him. He started picking up the pebbles one by one. Then he dropped them into the pot. With each pebble that he dropped, the water rose a little higher.

After some time, he found that the water had risen enough for him to put his beak inside. He drank the water to his heart’s content. His thirst quenched, he flew away satisfied.

“Good use of our wits may help us out in our time of need



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