Curry Chicken Feast at TNM Crew Station


On 9/02/2012 @12 noon at Tanah Merah Crew Station, we had a big curry chicken feast with tons of french loaf bread. This time round, it’s courtesy from Train Officers Raymee B Puteh and Ibrahim B Idris. TO Raymee paid for the costs on behalf of TO Ibrahim on the occasion of the birth of his first child.


TO Raymee is on the left with red shirt and TO Ibrahim with the yellow shirt. They seem just like brothers right?

This is not the first time nor the last we are having such big makan session at TNM. It is an established tradition since I first joined SMRT more than 16 yrs ago.

For every foreseeable reason or pretext, we would throw in a makan session for all staff once a while. I have lost count of the number of times I benefited from their generosity. Some from the Jurong Crew Station happen to take a driving break here also join us. All are welcomed. Just help yourself to the food freshly cooked steaming hot aromatic curry chicken placed on the table.

The last makan session was held sometime last month when our talented song lyrics and music score composer TO Zainol Ali threw a “Tulang” soup feast party. He just happened to reap in huge royalties for his music and he decided to share his dividends with us in the form of a makan session celebration. We congratulated his success. He is known to all the Malay stars here and across the causeway. He is a celebrity of sort in the Malay entertainment circuit so to speak.

TO Zainol Ali was an accomplished musician playing the guitar and piano before he joined SMRT as a Train Officer. He has created and composed a total of 58 Malay songs and an English song. Most his Malay songs are still popularly sung by Malaysian artistes and play over the Malay radio stations in Malaysia and Singapore. He ever composed musical tunes for Tracy Hung! He receives accumulated royalties for his songs each time they are played over the air.

The most memorable makan session was by Train Officer Peter Doc. When his train got problem and stalled, he bought the EMU consists numbers. He struck 4-D first prize winning thousands of dollars. He then threw a mother of all feasts lasting two full days! That was many years ago. Hope he strikes again so we can get free makan!

Yesterday’s blog post, I mentioned our indispensable Train Officer Steroid whose handyman’s expertise is always called upon whenever we need to fix something in the premises.

In fact, there are more hidden and undiscovered gems amongst Train Officers other than those varied interest groups amongst them. We have a group of fishing enthusiasts who regularly organize fishing trip to the seas or kelong, bicycle group that goes on annual ride to Pengerang in Johore, Karaoke group, wongal group, photography, Arabic language and of course soccer group who organizes teams for regular football matches just to name only a few. If you are looking for common interests, you will surely find them here.

As for bloggers only myself and Train Officer Naga. We are trying to recruit more members to join our bloggers’ group!

Even when I got promoted to Train Officer Grade 4 (highest grade) about 6 years ago, organized a makan session for all.

Whenever such makan session is planned, we always look for Train Officer Aziz Hedzir. He is always the official resident caterer for all our makan sessions or events in TNM.

The organizer of the makan session will usually get in touch with TO Aziz. They shall discuss the budget, menu, date and timing etc taking into account of his off days and calendar. TO Aziz will do the cooking, set up, putting up notices etc.

We have tested TO Aziz’s competence and it is proven over the years esp his curry chicken and “Tulang” soup which even taste better than the best in Singapore Makansutra’s list. He goes personally to Geylang Serai market to source for the fresh ingredients esp chicken and cook them himself! If you need an efficient reliable food caterer, you may engage him by leaving a message here.

Like I say earlier, there are many more talented traits amongst the 140 Train Officers in TNM capable of anything. Some of them are reservists in the Civil Defence and Special Ops Forces! As such, the younger ones could just change uniforms and go to war if necessary!



Train Officer Peter Doc – below pic enjoying his meal.


That was the most satisfying makan session in recent memory cuz it was commissioned by a Train Officer for another Train Officer. It’s unprecedented in the history of our Train Crew stations!

We are already looking forward for the next feast esp. during the Haji season when someone goes on a Haj, a smaller scale treat is usually given.

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  1. Mike Loh says:

    This post and the one before this tells me that there is a lot of camaraderie among your colleagues which is good. The activities will result in bonding and collegiality which is healthy for the working environment. I’m impressed!

    • Thks Dr Mike for your feedback. I ever told you I prefer working here when you asked me why didn’t I consider a change of job. This is partly the reason.

      Everyday passes like a breeze here cuz there is so much to talk and discuss when we meet up. Thre are also activities to get us engaged depending on our interests. They are also helpful if we need assistance.


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