Tanah Merah Crew Station


Yesterday (7/2/2012) at Tanah Merah Crew Station was considered a big event. We got ourselves a brand new state of the art 40 inches LED wall mounted Toshiba TV. We paid $999 after discount. Original price was $1,299.

Every year in December after we got our 13th month, each of us contributes $10 to the tea fund. It is kept with our Tea Fund committee. Same as in July another $10 from each of us to the fund.

The fund is used to purchase some useful items in the crew room such as cups, glasses, utensils, bread toaster or ironing board etc. Some of electrical appliances such as Home Theatre, DVD player were also purchased from the fund.

The company gives a monthly subsidy for tea, coffee, sugar and other beverages. There is a hot water dispenser installed in the pantry also. Two micro ovens for Muslim and Non Muslim foods were also indented by the company. A smaller 32 inches TV was also given by the company.

We decided to pamper ourselves using our own funds for the 40 inches TV. The smaller TV is routed to Changi depot since that TV is spoilt. Nothing is wasted here.


When the new TV was delivered here, we had to dismantle the old TV and assemble the new set. It’s a lot of work. As usual, we get Train Officer “Steroid” to do the work. He is an expert craftsman on TV antenna, electrical wiring, plumbing, computer DIY etc. He will settle any DIY issues. We just back him up and follow his orders.



From the above picture, you can see handyman Steroid at work. He is fixing the brackets onto the wall for the new TV. He has got his range of professional tools and powerful Hilti drill. He is an expert on customizing tv antenna too.

After a while with everyone’s help, it was finally done. Very professionally done and the new tv nicely mounted.


We are expecting another round of overdue renovation in our crew room. In the meantime we could just enjoy the tv on our in between breaks!





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