Retard at Nanyang Polytechnic


I just happened to found this piece of document. It may be rubbish to others but I’m sure it meant a lot to the owner. It was with me for about a week. The owner stays in Tebans Gardens. It’s quite far away from my place in Pasir Ris.

Of course, I could just take the easy way out by mailing it to the address. But then what if it is lost in the mail? Or that it could be crumbled about?

I have since lost faith on our commercialized postal services where they are more concerned in making profits by selling all kinds of unrelated items other than stick with providing efficient basic postal services.

I happen to visit someone weekly at AMK Ave 6 and Nanyang Polytechnic is nearby. The piece of document (diploma) is issued by NYP. Since it is such an important document, I decided to personally hand deliver it to NYP.

On 5/2/2012 (Sun), I put that document in an envelope and drove to NYP on my way home after that AMK Ave 6 visit. It was 9.30pm when I told the security guard at the entrance of NYP that I found this original diploma issued by NYP and I was handing it to him. Hopefully he could pass it to the NYP Admin Office the next morning for necessary action.

That security guard dressed in a smart uniform with long sleeve shirt and tie stopped me when I was about to go off. He called on the telephone – presumably his office or superior and spoke for about 5 mins.

I didn’t want any recognition. I just wanted to hand over this piece of NYP diploma and then go back home. At least, I have done my part. No need letter of appreciation or commendation.

To my horror, the said security guard refused to accept the NYP diploma. He handed it back to me. He smugly told me to come back in the morning during office hours and bring it to the admin office of NYP!

I retorted that he could easily do that. He could have passed it to the staff since they work in NYP. It’s so easy for him to do it rather than me staying in Pasir Ris. I also had to work the next day.

That retard refused to budge. He refused to listen to my plea for reason. I told him to be reasonable. He said “we are only in charge of security matters. It is not within our area of responsibility!” Sorry Sir, you got to do it yourself. We can’t help you!

In my line of work, if a passenger hands over any found item, sometimes even rubbish, we as train officers, still have to accept it thanking the finder. We will then hand over to our station staff and try our best to locate the owner of the item.

Could we just tell the passenger whom hands over an item that it is not within my job scope or responsibility? Can I tell the public that my job is ONLY to drive the train. It is not in my job description to receive any found item? If that passenger were to lodge a complaint, I assure you that the train officer will get the sack!

What if that diploma belongs to your daughter and is treated in such a manner by that retard in NYP? How would you feel? Just because it is of no concern to you or your job scope, you don’t bother about it even though you are getting paid indirectly by NYP? Even by this blatant idiotic act, that retard still keeps his job. He still thinks that it is business as usual. Unlike us train officers there is no question of getting the sack if we were to adopt the same attitude as him!

When I related this incident to some of my colleagues all kinds of expletives you can imagine flew from them. They felt that retard is being selfish. How could such a person be in their employ?

No amount of logic or reasoning could get into his idiotic head! Exasperated, I told him that I would lodge a complaint against him. He was looking pleased with my intention and encouraged me to proceed with it. KNN! Really Langgar Terus!

This is the typical mindset of our present selfish “Bo Chap” generation lacking in EQ and having serious attitude problem. Just follow by the rule book and nothing or nobody can touch me. If it is unrelated to my job scope or area of responsibility, it is none of my business. To them – It is just as simple that. Is it really so?

The above true incident clearly reflects our failure as a society. What is happening to our society? Our work culture and work attitudes? Where is the warmth and helpfulness of our people?

I left Nanyang Polytechnic with the undelivered diploma on my slow drive home listening to my favourite chanting in the background and wondering why NYP entrusted such an idiot in guarding their premises?

I left with a sad heavy heart. That was the most shocking encounter I ever had.

PS: This article was emailed to

This is the official reply from NYP which I received a week later via email.

Dear Sir,

We sincerely apologise for the inconvenience caused over this matter.

NYP has conducted an investigation concerning this matter. We have warned the security company concerned about the service lapse and to improve their service to prevent a recurrence. Our security service provider has been constantly instructed to be courteous to and render assistance as and when needed.

We are grateful for your kind gesture and effort in returning the document. We can collect this document from you at your convenience. Please feel free to contact Tan Wah Long @ Tel: 65500310 or via email for any enquiry or clarification.

Thank you for your feedback and understanding.

With best regards,

for Estates Management Dept
Nanyang Polytechnic

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17 Responses to Retard at Nanyang Polytechnic

  1. Mike Loh says:

    The entire security business needs an overhaul.



  2. “The day security guard agencies hire human beings with brains and not boy scouts or retards or stormtrooper wannabes or puffed-up paranoiacs with a fetish for uniforms will be the day these Nazis get some respect from the public.”

    Thks Dr Mike. Can’t agree with you more than that. How to respect those idiots?

    Read Alec Ee’s comments via email.
    “To each his own Alan. In a way they are very responsible staff. They do as they are told, nothing else, just like robots. And that is what is expected of them from senior management sometimes. Remember the email about being responsible and disciplined? That is exactly what they are doing. We live in a too disciplined state.”


  3. Darkness 2012 says:

    Yes, I understand how frustrating this must be. But whose fault is it really? Is it the security guard or the managment? It all boils down to KPI (key performance indicators). If the management did not include “helping customers” in the KPI of the job scope of the security guard, then what incentive does that fellow have to go the extra mile? Let me put it another way. If the management of SMRT did not bother to craft SOP’s for the return of lost items and shows even less interest in creating a recognition and reward system to encourage train officers to regularly go out of their way to assist commuters, then would you even bother to going through the hassle? If it was me, I was just throw the item into the dustbin or better still ask him to go and take the baby elsewhere.

    This is human nature.

    The fault has to lie in management. How else could you explain why he was so happy, when you said, I am going to complain. That is another way of saying, this will not affect my rice bowl as management does not consider things during my year end performance appraisal.

    Going for the foot soldier when the fault lies with the General is not constructive. Do not be angry, understand and all things will be clear and you will be filled with peace.

    Darkness 2012


    • Thank you for encouraging comments esp your last para. It makes me fell better and understand the issue better.

      I have the habit of forwarding my blog posts to the relevant bodies. The one on “Pongal Festival” no reply fm the MP. About “Golden Beach Rest” also no response. Those “Generals” don’t bother at all. Either they pretended that the problems don’t exist or they just wish them away!

      However, I got a swift immediate reply from NYP via email. They are looking into it. At least, this “General” is looking at the problem.

      Thank you once again for paying a visit to my humble abode.


  4. abc says:

    The security guard is not to be blamed 100% — it is really not his area of responsibility. Just like a Cisco officer in a bank cannot run out of the bank to help a customer who is being robbed outside after withdrawing money at the bank. Security guards are in worse situation — they have almost no staff or job rights — they can be fired with impunity. These guards are from the lowest bidder, $5/hour, and not expected to think or deviate from the very narrow scope of their SOP. They are also not the staff of the polytechnic and do not enjoy many of the intangible job security and rights that people working in the polytechnic or other large company will enjoy. That security guard was correct in referring the situation to his supervisor, as he has zero empowerment for anything outside of his narrow scope of SOP. Of course the supervisor adopt the bochap attitude and just want to taichi away the issue. You should have demanded to speak to the supervisor on the phone and tell both the supervisor and the guard that you will make formal complain to the polytechnic. Take down the name of the security guard from his nametag. If you had said that, I’m sure the supervisor will have agreed to take the transcript.

    The larger fault actually lies with the management team — how they manage and treat the security people, how they give empowerment and support to them, how involved the mgmt is with the security people and how mgmt brings across the expected levels of service for the security team. The fact that most companies deal with security people just like how they deal with toilet cleaners i.e. invisible and go for lowest bidder and don’t give me problems, tells you the reality on the ground.


    • Thks for your detailed comments. I am in a better position to appraise the situation with your invaluable feedback. I really appreciate that. Thks again.


  5. NewBall says:

    Two wrongs don’t make a right….!!!
    Sadly, they both can’t think outside the Box cause the Box is too BIG for them to get out……!!
    Perhaps, you could have drove in and drop the letter in the Letter Box at the Admin Office, instead of wasting time with security guard…!!
    We can’t stop learning as long as we live…………


    • Firstly, I don’t think the guard will simply let me drive around the compound cuz abt 9.30pm. It’s unthinkable to let wander about at that time of the night.

      Secondly, if he let me go in. I won’t know where or how to get to that elusive box u referring. Also the Admin building seems to be quite far from the entrance.

      I hope u see my point. If the guard just received it and pass it to one of staff next morning when they report to work then there won’t be any issue at all. It is just simple commonsensical thing to do. No need SOP or guideline or instruction. It’s just a piece of paper. Not a parcel, carton or huge object that can conceal a bomb!


  6. auntie lucia says:

    Hi Ginta, I think you did the security guard wrong by highlighting his race. Anyone of whatever race or age can be a retard in another’s eye when he/she refuses to be obliging. However, since you are into chanting you should always try not to forget cause n effect. And remember about right thinking and right action. I weighed up whether to comment on your post and decided in the end to do so. Do consider removing the racial reference from your post. Blessings!


  7. demonaga says:

    I think the security guard could have accept it … Yes its not his wrong … But such important document … He can have show some urgency.. Anyway later he can also score point what !


  8. patriot says:

    As a jaga meself, got to say
    Commenter abc had it explained
    very well.
    Just like to tell Gintai that
    commonsense is for one to
    exercise on oneself and not
    on behalf of higher authority.

    What if me says, there is no
    commonsense even in our
    national leaders?



  9. patriot says:

    Having to work as a ‘jaga’ at my age of 62 probably was due to my own failures
    in commonsense and initiative. Should have the commonsense to make as much
    money when young and then take the initiative to look for a better place to enjoy
    living now.
    Must say that commonsense and initiative are very important for appreciation of
    unexpected situation, event and development taking place and for a meaningful
    existence as a human being.



    • My dear fren. Pls do not belittle yourself. You have my respects. We are all in the same situation – no better or worst. I hope we could meet up one day for a drink. We will discuss further. Maybe u can provide me more ideas and wisdom on what to blog? Thks.


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