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Today is the last day of CNY. The year of the Dragon will be with us for the rest of the year. Chinese celebrate CNY for 15 days. After the 15th day, it is back to normal. Business as usual.

Instead of today, we decided to celebrate the 15th day of CNY earlier. We celebrated yesterday (6/2/2012). The reason being that yesterday was a Sunday. Today is Monday which is a working day.

As usual, I requested my good friend Freddie Tan to book a table for us at Golden Beach Restaurant in Changi Golf Club. He is usually there over the weekend for golf and gathering with his friends.

We opted for the CNY package at $248. We ended up paying $300 with all the taxes and three glasses of beer. There are eight dishes comprising Raw Salman Yusheng, Sharks’ Fin, Steamed Prawns, Steamed Garlic Fish, Pig Trotters German style, Cabbage With Ham, Lotus Leaf Rice and Dessert. We wanted to add their famous Peking Duck but was not available during this CNY period.





The service was mediocre and the food unspectacular. Partly due to the almost full capacity, service standard was not up to the mark. For example, the lime water used to wash our hands arrived after we have finished eating our prawns.

The fish was the worst. It’s definitely a frozen fish with much blood inside. It was not properly thawed before cooking. The flesh was in bits and pieces showing signs of cold storage. I think the seagulls will also not touch it.

The pig trotter German style was soft and not crispy at all. The ham for the cabbage was extremely salty just like eating salted fish!

Only the Sharks’ Fin and the dessert were consumable! Before this current management, the place was run by Ban Heng which was so much better. It was a branch of Ban Heng – an established Teochew Restaurant HQ at Towner / Bendemeer Rd opposite the Sikh temple.

The above feedback was promptly conveyed to the manager. He appeared apologetic but non committal. He didn’t offer any manner of assuaging our unhappiness. Well this is free market right. We are free to choose the best in terms of service and value.

The last time we had our dinner at a restaurant in Changi Beach Club. That was an awesome experience with the same pricing. The service standards and food quality were impeccable until my brother who is ever so frugal decided to offer $20 tip on top of the usual taxes and service charges.

This time he refused to offer any tip to the staff at Golden Beach Restaurant in Changi Golf Club. But I gave a red packet to a young Chinaman waiter who was running up and down like an blue arse fly.

Nigel was discussing his CNY trip to Perth in Western Australia. If I were to know earlier, I would have asked him to visit my friend Nik there.

James was looking forward to his family flying over from Vancouver, Canada during the March holidays. He was planning a dinner for them at the other restaurant in Changi Beach Club.

The highlight of the evening was that my 13 yr old son blurted out aloud that he loved Sharks’ Fin but “I pity the sharks!”. I then asked him if I were to throw him into sharks infested water, would the sharks pity him? Why don’t you pity the pigs, chickens, goats and fish since you also like to eat them? Now we have learnt the effects of propaganda at work by those civic interest groups. They are really langgar!

My brother Nigel was impressed by our descriptions of our recent dinning experience at the other restaurant in the nearby Changi Beach Club. He would drop by with his family soon to see for himself.

It was another CNY and another long year before the next CNY. Hopefully we will have another CNY dinner. My wish is to have more such CNY dinners in future.

I wish everyone here all the best in the Year of the Dragon! May The God Of Fortune Be With You! Huat Ah!








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2 Responses to Golden Beach Seafood Paradise Restaurant – Changi Golf Club

  1. Hi Kindred Spirit,

    I couldn’t disagree with your criticism of Golden Beach Rest(GBR). The services had been horrendous and at one stage, many members of the club boycotted by having meals at the hawker centre. The boss doesn’t seem bordered, as he thought outside patrons like your esteemed self can afford him to sustain operation. He is very wrong. First, outside patrons are not privy to the club. Next, members of the club are owners and are first among equal. That is, anyone can be the president or committee which is the decision maker and authority over the engagement of the caterer of the club. In fact, under the terms of rental, priority of service must be accorded to members. 

    It is my tradition to bring seafood to the restaurant. My group of about twelve are regulars and spending easily a thousand dollars every weekend. Over the last 20 years, all the caterers never fail or rather would be very obligated to cook the seafood that I brought even if the restaurant is busy. I never question the cooking charges varying from $5 to $10 per kg or higher premium applicable to exquisite or expensive stuff. When GBR first started, they showed reluctance by charging exorbitantly. For 6 pieces of lebang fish of about 1.5kg valued at S$15, they charged S$40.00 for cooking. Oxymoronically, GBR rather promotes deep fried Soon Hock(~300 gms) for S$5.00 a dish. 

    Most regulars are pissed off and knew GBR won’t last long. Meanwhile, there are two waitresses responsible for the golfer’s lounge/terrace. They are just ordinary humans but have more business sense and customer relationship. On the 3rd day of CNY, they arranged a portable stove and wok for us to cook the “peh tor” fish. The evening during your last visit, there were just six of us, spending not lavishly and still amounted to S$275.00. A $25.00 tips were given not to the pool but directly to these two waitresses. Nowadays, we have been self cooking at the golfer terrace. By right, we shouldn’t but some how GBR never protest.

    Except for a couple of members, the current MC of the club doesn’t seem to patronize often enough to know the issues. We are hoping it will change for the better soon.

    PS: The above comments from Freddie Tan via email.

  2. Darkness 2012 says:

    I am glad you e-mailed the management. Many of my friends no longer dine there for the same reasons you mentioned. After a round of golf, there is nothing worse than good company and crappy food. Keep up the pressure, either way something has to give and this is really the only way for things to improve.

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