Appearances are deceptive


There once lived a busy little ant in a garden. One day he came across a chrysalis that was hanging from the leaf of a plant.

Going closer, he saw the creature unable to do anything but move its tail. “You poor creature. What a sad fate you have. While I can run about everywhere, you lie here imprisoned in your cocoon.”

A few days later when the ant passed by, he peered into the cocoon but saw only an empty shell.

“Behold in me,” said the chrysalis, which had changed into a most beautiful butterfly. “I can go to places where your legs can never reach and see things you can only dream of.” So saying the butterfly rose in the air and flew away.

“Appearances are deceptive”



About Gintai_昇泰

I'm a Chinese Singaporean living in the Eastern part of Singapore. I tweet on current affairs & inspirational quotes. I blog on issues or events if they interest me. I write for pleasure. I also write mainly for my family and friends. At least they know I'm still alive and well. It's a free country. No one is forcing you to read if you don't like what I write. I'm entitled to my own opinions. Having said that, there are still retards, morons and losers out there hiding behind anonymity hurling all kinds of insults and wicked remarks on my blog. I guess we'll just have to live with these cowardly mangy dogs found in any society. Sigh!
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