Subbiah’s Banana Curry Stall


Today (28/1/12), I dropped by Subbiah’s Banana Curry Leaf for lunch. If you notice that picture taken above, there is no banana leaf. It’s out of stock due to the the Chinese New Year. Today is also the 6th day of CNY. No supply of banana leaf.

As usual, I gave a red packet with $4 to the daughter of the stall. She asked me if it is Masala Chicken set lunch. I confirmed and proceeded to wash my hand and ordered my lemon juice.

When my lunch was ready, I noticed that there were an extra fried onion egg and some fried chillie ikan billis. I wanted to pay for the food but she refused to take any cent from me. I insisted but she declined.

This is the 1st time since 1990 when I started to patronize this stall that I got a free meal. Her parents were not there. Is it instruction from mother? The daughter told me its free for today.

Then she told me that just few days ago a Caucasian came to her stall to record a video. It is uploaded to the YouTube. She was so happy about it. When I told her I blog on her stall she said she didn’t know how to get to my blog and she had no internet access.

Later in the evening, I came back to her stall with a laminated printout of the blog post on her stall. She said she will pin it up after reading it. Pls look out for it if you happen to go there.

It was a so satisfying lunch I had today. I hope to visit that stall more often if time permit.



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4 Responses to Subbiah’s Banana Curry Stall

  1. bookjunkie says:

    Love that sign on how they treat their customers 🙂


    • You should drop by one day. I tried to post this link to the YouTube under comments but can’t. Any idea to link it there so that those viewing the YouTube could get here?

      Thks for your comment.


  2. Amy says:

    great post!!! and LOVE that sign… 🙂


    • Thks for your comments. That sign has been there since I 1st visited the stall in 1990. That is their business philosophy. Now you know why I regard highly of this stall.


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