Datuk Freddie Tan Thank You !


This morning(23/1/2012), Datuk Freddie Tan came to my place in his 5 series luxurious BMW sedan to hand deliver 2 kg of Rabbit Fish. This is the 3rd consecutive Chinese New Year he has done it.

The prounciation of fish sounds similar to “abundance”, “more” or “extra”. Hence if someone brings some fish especially Rabbit Fish to your place on 1st day of Chinese New Year, it meant that the person is not only bringing fish but also bringing “abundance” to your place on this auspicious day.

Thank you Datuk Freddie for the priceless gift.

May you prosper and live forever!

Pls read here for more information.

Datuk Freddie buying fish at Senoko Fishery Port @4am.

Read also about Datuk Freddie’s reunion dinner written by his doctor son.


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