Happy Lunar New Year !


Today (23/1/2012) is the 1st Day of Chinese New Year or sometimes it is just simply known as Lunar New Year. I would like to take this opportunity to wish all my friends in Sg, KL, Germany, Europe and elsewhere a Happy and Prosperous Lunar New Year.

Yesterday it was Rabbit Year and today it is the 1st Day of the Year of Dragon. Time really flies! We are getting a year older and hopefully wiser. Amongst the many things that happened here in the forum and elsewhere such as the historic visit to Sg by Bodo, Heinz and Joerg when we organised our 1st ever “Singapore Pipe Show” with tremendous success.

Most of us in Sg never met Heinz and Joerg before until they parachuted here on a special flight! We really enjoyed so much their company over the past week or so when they were here. It only seems like yesterday when they were here with us. Am I hallucinating? No, it’s just that I miss them lah! But no worry lots of pics (Courtesy from Alec Ee) and articles written on their adventures here in Sg and Johore Bahru. They are all posted in this forum and on my blog. They will remain there forever documented and archived for all to appreciate. Pls refresh your memory by taking a look.

Of course Heinz is always actively promoting the discussions here by his tireless and relentless efforts. He never fails to mention a post here and there when he comes across it. Thank you Heinz.

According to a local Fengshui “Queen”, Lynn Yap – she says “This year is a BLACK WATER DRAGON year.” Our Fengshui master Lyn Yap gives 17 predictions for 2012 and talks alot mainly giving tips and suggestions on how to live your life in the Year of Dragon. The main highlight I feel is that she emphasises that it is a black water dragon year so it weakens the earth and causes it to flood as there is too much water in the year and again on this period : 15 Oct to 13 Nov 2012. Pls take note of the dates if you are travelling to flood prone countries like Thailand.

The previous Rabbit Year was not an ideal year. It was fraught with much choas and political anarchy as happened in Libya, Egypt and Syria in the Middle East etc … Before the Rabbit Year ended, we had a modern “Titanic” disaster in the seas off Italy. Sigh …

This is my 3rd post here on every Lunar New Year. I hope I will continue to post here on every Lunar New Year and wish all members a Happy and Prosperous Lunar New Year.

Let’s hope that this Dragon Year will be kind to all of us. Let us all wish that there will fewer disasters, misfortunes or choas in this small world we all live and share!

Pls read further if you are keen on what our fengshui master Lynn Yap says. Just take it with a pinch of salt. Cheers!




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