HHPSDs at MRT Stations by LTA



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Almost all the HHPSDs (Half Height Platform Screen Doors) at all elevated MRT stations have been completed. There are still few elevated MRT stations along the North South line still not completed. They will be completed in due course.

Soon all the 36 elevated MRT stations will have HHPSDs installed at a cost of $126 millions.

“LTA says that since 2006, 92 people have fallen onto the tracks, whether by accident or otherwise. The 1.5-metre barriers are high enough to deter attempted suicides.”

The MRT system started operations in 1987/88. After more than 20 yrs of operations with 92 passengers maimed or killed then only the authorities decided to build. It could be more than the official figure of 92 cuz figure before 2006 is not available.

LTA felt then that the $126 millions not worth spending. They would rather splurge $384 million on the YOG! After all, the latter could bring international glory to our country and the former only incurred additional costs with no tangible returns!

Is it the result of frequent train service disruptions due to an increase in suicidal jumping onto tracks – especially after the opening of two casinos – now that there are much more trains and passenger load that they have decided to invest & install the HHPSDs?

Since those HHPSDs were not incorporated in the initial design & planning of the entire MRT system, there bound to be imperfections. More than 20 yrs later, HHPSDs are improvised into the existing system with so much challenges cuz construction work can only be carried out after traffic hours.

There are many defects and flaws to the design and working of the HHPSDs. If you are a regular train commuter and observant enough you should be able to detect some of them.

However, I shall zoom in on only one particular aspect which is the “Hinged Door” at each end of the platform. There are four hinged doors on four corners of an elevated MRT station.

As Train Officers, we need to open the hinged door at the Head Wall of platform to gain access to the “buffet” area. This is to enable us to relieve the train officer of the train – take over/hand over driving duty.

The hinged door is designed in such a way that it is open towards the direction of the public area at the platform instead of towards the direction of the buffer area.

When the platform is crowded with passengers especially during peak hours such as at Jurong East station, opening of the hinged door is problematic. We can’t open the hinged door from the buffet area due to passengers standing on the other side. There won’t be any issue if the hinged door opens inwards towards the buffet area.

Sometimes even during non peak hours, train officers simply just can’t open the hinged door without knocking on those passengers standing on the platform nearby. Some of the passengers simply love to stand there.

The design of the opening and closing of the hinged door on the platform impedes our movements and causes much inconvenience.

Due to the heavy usage of the hinged doors at certain stations, some of them are already damaged. The Jurong East station hinged door is already broken down. Train officers can’t enter the buffett area now. We have to go through via the train doors to the buffet area. It is only less than a year and the hinged door has broken down. Shoddy workmanship or design defect?

Most probably it is due to poor design. The hinged door should be designed with light aluminum or cast iron for durability and resilient to impact.

So much of public funds i.e. $126 millions of taxpayers’ money spent and end users like us are much inconvenienced by its flawed design.

When we brought up the matter i.e. the hinged doors should open towards the buffet area and not outwards to the public area, they claim that it is for safety reason. In case of emergency, it is easier for passengers to escape via the train doors through the hinged door if those HHPSDs on the platform can’t open.

In other words, those smart asses are saying that the hinged door must open outwards for easy escape via the train driving cab door. If the hinged door is open inwards, then passengers can’t escape or will have problem getting out in an emergency.

Is it logical or plain naïveté beyond all redemption?

Spent $126 million on the HHPSDs and end users like us keep cursing it! Looks like it is not going to change. We are stuck with someone’s idiotic idea.

In reply to those retards, I say please don’t sit at bus stop just in case a car, bus or lorry may plough into you and get yourself killed. In ever happened many times before. Not joking here.

Better still, stay at home and don’t ever leave the house in case you meet with an accident like struck by lightning or hit by fallen tree. But then if you stay at home, there is also a possibility that you might slip and fall if you are fated to suffer!

Just look around your flat or house. When you open the door it is always away from you and not towards you with the door hitting you if you don’t move a little backwards. It should logically be away from you towards the inside of the room or house.

According to the rule of thumb, all doors are designed in this manner. Only the door to your store room is different. It opens outwards cuz you keep lots of things in your store room. How often you open a store room door? You hardly open your store room door unless you need to keep or take things out.

Only our hinged door is designed against the rule of the thumb due to some twisted logic of so called emergency or crisis situation. They are darn smart to have thought of everything!

1001 days of inconvenience and end users’ curses just to get prepared for that emergency or crisis which they assume that it will not work or passengers will get trapped if the hinged door is open in the correct normal logical direction!

Methinks of the designated taxi stands fiasco in the CBD area. Bulldozing Bukit Brown cemetery and the obliteration of Rochor Centre flats etc are all creative ideas of LTA. There is no dearth of creative ideas from them? Do you not agree?

Really langgar beyond the wildest imagination! They don’t call themselves “Langgar Tiang Authority” – LTA for no reason right?




“The opinions expressed here are my own and do not reflect the official policies, practices or opinions of SMRT or any organisation with which I may be affiliated”.


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10 Responses to HHPSDs at MRT Stations by LTA

  1. NewBall says:

    Long Time Ago ( LTA ) they have decided that interest of passengers are utmost important than Train Officers…….!!! That’s why they are so inhuman by taking away human Train officer in the Circle Lines…?? They are more humane to Computers….!!!
    I guess the reason why it took so long to build HHPSDs is because cost is borne by them instead of SMRT and they are the Last To Agree ( LTA ) but, when Death Rate goes up, they had no choice but to install them.
    Hopefully, they are not waiting for accident to happen then they are more Likely To Accept ( LTA )
    improvement to the Hinged Doors.
    You just have to be more careful and take care of yourself when opening that Door.


  2. a faraway singaporlang says:

    What do you expect from LTA (Late To Act) ?

  3. Joey Foo says:

    “Inward-hinged doors can also escalate an accident by preventing people from escaping the building: people inside the building may press against the doors, and thus prevent the doors from opening. This was partly the case in the Grue Church fire in Norway in 1822.”

    This is one of the reasons why doors open to the platform. It’s the building code that requires this, so there is nothing much that can be done.

    Of course, they forgot about something that trains have always used: a sliding door.

  4. OK. Point taken. Then why the underground hinged door does not comply with this practice? Why the different standards? Why didn’t they consider the inconvenience and sometimes impossible to open the hinged door when the platform is crowded with pax esp at Jur East in morning peak hours? It defeats the purpose if it can’t be used at all. You know what I meant? Did they really do their ground work by looking into it?

    • Joey Foo says:

      I thought in some underground stations the emergency exits were accessed via the door into the buffer area?

  5. Mmmm… Depending how you look at it or what crisis. If same scenario like the elevated stns where all PSD doors jammed, then pax need to escape via the train cab door via the buffet area to the platform.

    Why shld pax escape to the track via the hinged door if they could just run out of few emergency exit doors in undergrd stns?

    The underground hinged doors can work either way depending where the crisis comes fr? All based on common sense.

    You may wish to post in Sgtrains forum to generate some discussion amongst your members? U may re-produce any of the posts in my blog to ur forum for general discussion?

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