SingPost delivers spam flyers to letter box


Whenever I open my letter box at the void deck of my block, I will surely find some spam flyers. All kinds of spam flyers advertising shopping malls or screaming out to buy some products or fast foods.




Now how did those flyers get into my letter box? There is a lever behind the slit or opening of the letter box to prevent the cover from opening so that no letters or flyers can slip in. The only way those spam flyers could have gotten into my letter box was via the back door or back cover.

The postman usually opens the back cover or back door of the block of letter boxes with a special key. From there, all the letters or small parcels are delivered accordingly to the unit addresses corresponding to the individual letter boxes. The postman then closes the back cover and lock it with the key.


The built-in lever to prevent the letter box’s front cover from opening is an ingenious way to block all those flyers from being delivered to the letter box. This is an effective way to block all those spam flyers. Kudos to the person who thought of this idea.

But alas, I still get those irritating commercial spam flyers inside my letter box!



Obviously those spam flyers are placed inside those letter boxes by the postman.

Is it sanctioned by SingPost?

Let us assume that Singpost instructed the postman to put those irritating and wasteful spam flyers into our letter boxes. Can we stop it? Is there any way to stop this anti environment scourge?

I pay SingNet $2 every month to filter spam on my mailbox. I renew my Norton anti spam every year also. If SingPost receives fees from businesses to put spam flyers into my letter box, I’ll pay them a monthly fee to stop this nonsense!

After all SingPost is privatised. Their bottom line is to make profits. Since they are so hard up and desperate for a pittance, I am willing to pay them to stop those spam flyers.

If SingPost did not sanction those spam flyers into my letter box, then it must be the postman’s doing.

Why should the postman shove spam flyers into my letter box on top of his usual official duty of mail and parcel delivery?

If he did not receive any form of gratification or kickback, would he shove those spam flyers into our letter boxes?

Is it not a form of corruption?

Let’s look into the definition of corruption.

The Prevention of Corruption Act
Section 5 Chapter 241

“Any person who shall by himself or in conjunction with any other person –
(a) corruptly solicit or receive or agree to receive for himself or for any other person; or
(b) corruptly give, promise or offer to any person whether for the benefit of that person or of another person any gratification as an inducement to or reward for, or otherwise on account of –
( i ) any person doing or forbearing to do anything in respect of any matter or transaction whatsoever, actual or proposed; or
( ii ) any member, officer or servant of a public body doing or forbearing to do anything whatsoever, actual or proposed in which such public body is concerned,
shall be guilty of an offence and shall be liable on conviction to a fine not exceeding $10,000 or to imprisonment for a term not exceeding 5 yrs or to both

The above law under Sec 5(b) states clearly the basis of corruption. If I were to lodge a report at CPIB would the latter investigate into my allegation?

Why is SingPost not doing anything?

I did call up their hotline at Tel: 1605 to complain about the spam flyers.

Nothing done.

There are many complaints on online forums and even letters to the press to highlight this issue but still the unwanted, unsolicited scourge persists!

We are at our wits’ end. The perennial scourge gets even worst towards the end of the year with so much festive shopping and bonuses to spend. Is this a typical case of a big mighty corporation’s bully tactics on us – the downtrodden? Are we forever at their mercy?

We have endured and suffered enough. It is wasteful and harms the environment with so much paper strewn about since few bother to read them.

I miss those good old days before SingPost became a business corporation and got listed on SGX in 2003 – the postmen then were friendly and honest. They never gave us spam flyers and did their job diligently.

Now the postman’s job is outsourced to the neighourhood part time aunties – just like all other big corporations to cut costs and trim their bottomline – the service standard is deplorable. I’ll talk about this next time.

If SingPost is not not going to do anything about our repeated pleas, I wonder what else can we do?

Do we need to nationalize SingPost and get it back to the basics i.e. just stick to mail and parcels delivery?

Do we need a profit driven business minded postal service corporation in tiny Singapore if it can’t get its basics right?


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18 Responses to SingPost delivers spam flyers to letter box

  1. Mike Loh says:

    Corruption legalized is no longer corruption, Alan.

    Casinos legalized become “integrated resorts.” A country in denial will call flooding “ponding.”

    SingPost indeed delivers spam. SingPost is a hired gun with no conscience. It is a profit-making concern with no qualms how it behaves as long as its bottom line looks good. Pay them and they’ll do it. It’s part of the “solutions” they provide companies. See

    Spam flyers and mailers irritate the hell out of a lot of people. To me it’s equivalent to strangers walking into the SingPost CEO’s house anytime they want day or night and dump their shit there unsolicited. Would SingPost CEO appreciate that?

    What can we do other than locking spam out of our mailboxes and informing SingPost by phone, email and snail mail that we do not wish to receive anything other than our personal letters? One tactic is to return the spam flyers or mailers to their sources. Every time I get a spam flyer or mailer with a self-addressed return envelope attached, I snail mail that shit back to the source using the envelope.

    And you’ll notice that there is a slot in the block of letter boxes (usually lower right corner) for return mail – you should put all the spam flyers, mailers, etc which SingPost has put into my mailbox right back into that return mail slot.

    Yes, let those retards get back a bit of their own medicine!

    • Dr Mike,
      I really hope that it wont become an election issue. Do we need to change the govt to send our message across? Is that THE only to do it? BTW, that “Return Mail” is always full! I tried to return wrong mail sent to me ( often happen ) but cant shove it in! That mailbox is full of shit so to speak.

  2. bookjunkie says:

    what an eye opener…am tweeting this.

  3. exmakanpau says:

    Tang, you get those flyers because these commercial companies pay the post office to deliver them. In the US, they call it bulk mail. They pay a reduced postage fee compared to placing a stamp on each individual flyer. Since these companies pay for it, the post office must deliver them. So that is why you are getting them. The post office is not going to say, no, I cannot deliver them. It is after all income or revenue that contributes to the post office bottom line. In the US, the USPS is bankrupt and they are closing more post offices because nobody is mailing any thing except for bills and notices and Christmas cards during the holiday season.

    • In other words, spam flyers are here to stay just becoz the post office need the income to survive even though it is anti environment with so much waste?
      The prob is that our SingPost cant even do a good job of delivering basic mail and parcels! I will talk abt it next time.

      • exmakanpau says:

        Tang, yes, junk mail to you but income for the post office. So they will keep stuffing them into your mail box. I get junk mail every week too, from supermarkets to department stores. I also get booklets and coupons. Some are ok because I get $1 to $5 off when I buy certain things. Sometimes I get BOGO Free from McD, KFC, BK, Friendly’s, etc. Other than that, it is just junk mail. Yeah, your tiny island is copying the US in bulk mail marketing. There is nothing you can do about it unless you tell the post office to remove your address from the mass mailings. You can do it in the US but I do not think your island does that!

  4. Joey Foo says:

    Not really, actually the locked flap at the center has a small gap along the top and the bottom, I’ve seen people pushing flyers into these gaps!

    • As far as my letter box is concerned, it is not possible. I confirmed it myself.

      • Joey Foo says:

        Those I refer to are the thin black-and-white ones about buying a new house. Those nicely printed ones, chances are SingPost delivers them. It’s irritating, and are of course very, very far from being eco-friendly, given they always end in the bin…

        Also, stickers on my door bell is another more serious concern, it’s balancing on the thin line between advertising and vandalism.

        • Joey Foo says:

          Oh yes, by the way, the “My Twitter” and “My Facebook” links at the top don’t work. 🙂

          • Can you pls check on my FB and Twitter links at the top. It shld work now. I already fixed it. Thks.

            BTW do u blog? I would like to read if u do. If not, then u shld start one. Easy and free. Just open an acc at wordpress and u can start right away.

          • Joey Foo says:

            They work now. 🙂

            I have a blog at, I post less frequently though, only once in a while when I feel motivated to write. And I think once you clicked the link to my blog , the first post should look familiar to you 😛

          • Oh my goodness! Another train enthusiast or expert? I had a reader who posted long comments on my SMRT Train blog. Welcome abroad. We are in the same family so to speak!

          • Joey Foo says:

            Yes I know, that’s Terence! 🙂 You may want a look at, that’s an active community of train enthusiasts there. 😉

        • Do you know that you can just report to any police post to make a rept about stickers on your doorbell? Police will warn them. Check it out.

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