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To: Nigel
Date: Wed, 6 Aug, 2008, 2:37 PM

Hi Nigel,

In accordance to plan, I completed almost 90% of the tasks you assigned to me. Here is a brief report.

I was off duty yesterday and today. However, I was on OT (overtime) yesterday working the midnite shift. Today I did not intend to do any OT as I would be proceeding to your place with uncle Tony to install all the curtain railings as scheduled. I left home around @1030 hrs for uncle Tony’s office in Shun Li Ind Est cuz he needed me to load all the items and equipment into his car. I arrived there around @1045 hrs. I had my breakfast and read the morning papers before I set off for his office. He was able to push the rear seat forward and stuffed all the extra long curtain railings into his Toyota saloon car. With all the ready “made to order / measure” curtains, we then set off for your place. We left his office @1100 hrs. We arrived at La Casa @1140 hrs.

On the way to your place, uncle Tony and myself chatted. He reminded me that he is already 58 yrs old and that he did not do any hard manual work for more than 20 yrs! He said that he needed me to assist him to drill all the holes on the ceiling and also to carry the heavy stuff. BTW, I had to walk 8 floors up to your place since the lift is not able to accomodate the long curtain railings. He will direct me on how to install all the curtain railings. He told me that he bought all the curtain railings @$150 only. He also reminded me to inform you that you are so very lucky to have him, in his own words…” a millionaire worker / labourer ” at your bidding! I quite concur with this statement cuz his 3-storey office cum workshop in Shun Li Ind Est off Kaki Bukit is worth more than 2 million and he rented off the 2 lower floors to pay off the bank mortgage. The office left with only 1 year before it is fully paid up! He occupies the 3rd floor with so much more room to spare! He also owns 2 or 3 properties in Batam and Karimum or Tanjong Balai. That is why I used to refer him as “uncle Batam” cuz we got so many uncles in the family. Anyway, he’s glad to assist you on this matter. Throughout the whole day, he received so many calls locally and from Batam for outings but said he’s not available when he told his frens that he’s installing curtain rails to the utter amazement of his kakis (friends)! He says he’s doing it for his elder sister’s son!

All the 3 tasks you requested are duly completed and done. I hope it is to your satisfaction. All the curtain railings have also been duly installed except there were 2 or 3 minor glitches. Pls refer to the pics taken just before we left the place. I forgot to take those which you requested me to install – namely those in the kitchen toilet and on the bedroom door. The main curtain in your master bedroom could not cover up horizontally… there is a gap in between 2 pieces of curtains. The other ”day curtain” in the bedroom nearest to the living room is far too short. Both curtains are removed and will be sent back to Batam. A new set shall be indented! No worry.

Pls refer to the pics in your master bedroom. It seems that uncle Tony was not aware there is a false ceiling on the other side of the master bedroom where a roller blind is supposed to be installed. Since it is a false ceiling, it is not advisable to install the roller blind there as it may not withstand the pressure and may drop in future. It is therefore prudent to install it on the concrete wall (not the ceiling). The roller blind is now sent back to the factory to have it modified to fit onto a concrete wall mounted status instead of mounting it on the false ceiling as per your instruction! The roller head need to be re-orientated for this change of status / place. Uncle Tony had already spoken to the supplier. It should not be a problem. The extra holes ( drilled by me ) on the false ceiling could be patched up by wall putty if the roller blind could not cover those holes subsequently. No problem envisaged also on this point.

After all the installation work done, I have cleaned and swept up a bit, However I could not find any dust pan at all, I merely swept them to a few corners. I hope you’ll understand. I have also left my power drill, cordless drill and tools box in the store just in case you need them. I shall take them back some other time. The lock to the tools box is “234” if you need to open the number combination lock.

I wish to alert you that the lock of the iron grille in your master bedroom window ( roller blind ) is damaged. You may wish to ask the contractor to replace it. Also when we left your place for lunch @1500 hrs, the main iron gate contractor did not turn up on the appointed time. Instead he sneaked in whilst we were lunching at Chong Pang Hawkers’ Centre. When we came back, he was gone as swiftly! As such, I was not able to inform them about the slanted ear for the lock. Anyway, you can just take a hammer from my tools box and knock it back to alignment! Oh yes, it seems that your door of the storeroom.. i.e. the rubber seal is slipping off. You may wish to inform the developer to correct it?

May I suggest that you get a big cabinet with a lock and install it in your store room. All your spare keys including car key or even office keys should be kept there! Also it is time to get yourself a tools box with all the basic tools and keep them in your store room just in case you may need to DIY. You may begin collect more tools and even screws of all types and sizes through the years like what I did! You may use my power drill in case you want to put some paintings or picture or photo frames on the wall at your place? All the necessary items ie screws and wall plugs are there. Use the red color wall plug for the drill bit attached to the power drill.

Lastly when all installation and cleaning of your place is done… just before you shift in …. you may wish to do some paint touch up using the excess paint in your store room? I observe there are places – bits and pieces here and there that may need some touching up. Remember to note the paint type and model on the paint container before you throw those containers away just in case you need to buy extra paint to touch up or re-paint again. It will be easier for the paint shop to assist you in case you want back the same type of paint.

I think that is about all I need to brief you. I hope all my points will prove useful in your efforts to build your dream home. I wish you all the best in your new home.

May The God of Fortune Be With You.




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