The Three Tests – Jin Yong ( Louis Cha )


The Three Tests (from The Legend of Condor Heroes) By Louis Cha.

“The Three Tests” is an extract translated from the Chinese martial arts or Wu Xia novel “Legend of the Condor Heroes” written by the renowed author Louis Cha. (Jin Yong)

This is the first of three novels – 射雕英雄传,神雕侠侶,倚天屠龍記 。The 3 novels are inter-related.

In this short extract “Three Tests” both Huang Rong and Guo Jing are teenagers. They are in love. In ancient China, marriage must be decided by parents.

The Masters or 师父 of both young men are seeking consent from the young lady’s (Huang Rong) father.

According to the novel, ancient China was dominated by 5 great men with extra ordinary martial arts skills. North by Beggar sect chief who is the Sifu to Guo Jing (one of the two suitors). West by Owyang Feng who is Sifu to the other young man in the story. South is the emperor Duan with great martial arts skills of a small kingdom in Yunan. The Central part is the grand master of the large Zheng sect. The young lady’s father is the mysterious medicine and martial arts exponent from the East.

By the 2nd Novel the young couple reach middle age. The saga continued with their children. It was the time of the invading Mongolians and decline of the Sung dynasty with the Mongolians eventually ruling over China. THIS couple lost and sacrificed their lives defending Sanyang city when the Mongolians broke through and invaded China. The Mongolians then set up the Yuan dynasty which subsequently fell to the Ming dynasty (3rd novel). The Manchus set up the Qing dynasty whch succeeded the Ming. “Book and Sword” is another novel by Jin Yong which dealt extensively on this period.

Each of the three novels is about 1,600 pages. Huge epic on ancient China indeed. This short extract is only 133 pages. Enjoy the short English translation.

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