Ibattz Removable Battery for Iphone


Ibattz mojo removable backup battery cover for iphone 4

When the first android based Samsung Galaxy S1 was launched, I grabbed it.

When the first android based Samsung Galaxy Tab 7″ was launched, I also grabbed it.

Having used them for a while – about a month – I lelong them away. I then switched to iphone 4 and ipad2. I have used them for more than nine months.

Verdict – I am very satisfied.

I’m not into details of my abhorrence for those android devices. It could provoke some backlash and it is pretty much divisive!

I was accused of being “biased!” How could I be “biased” when I have used both gadgets running on both platforms and decided that the IOS is much better?

Alas, not all humans or things in this case are created equal. My only complaint about iphone 4 is that the battery sucks! Why can’t Apple make devices like Sony mobile phones or mp3 gadgets with battery that lasts longer than usual?

The imperfection of a near perfect piece of powerful and yet a much sought after Apple product? The ever long queue and the breathless anticipation of newer versions bear testament to this fact.

The iphone has changed the way I live, work and play. All my blogs are written on the move using the free WordPress application – No need PC or Notebook. Just my iphone 4 with plenty of juice.

Sometimes, I imagine I could move the heavens and earth if only the full potential of the mighty little iphone is fully unleashed!

It is the fulcrum to the borderless world via the seamless connection to the internet and the world wide web! Boundless imponderables beyond my wildest dreams!

My apology on the unintentional diatribe. Let’s not wax lyrical about it – let’s get on track.

Ipad2 battery is excellent. It can easily last for 8 hrs or more. I have no issue with it.

However iphone 4 battery is a major headache. Even with a full charge, after surfing the net for barely 4 hrs, it need to re-charge again. Some iphone 4 users resort to ugly looking external backup battery to boost up the juice.

My lady friend once whatsapped me, “Hey! I keep holding your “angry bird!” Very tired lah”. It was from me – my external battery pack with angry bird design.

There are also many types of backup battery design that acts like a back cover for the iphone 4 such as Morphie Juice brand which I ever used before.

Nevertheless, nothing beats my present “ibattz removable battery cover” for iphone 4. Pls refer to the review here. The details are here.

I bought the ibattz removable battery cover at $88 at a promotional offer when it first appeared in the local market last Sep during the PC show. It is now selling at $129 in Challenger store.

I believe it is the only model in the local market with a removable battery. It comes with 2 pieces of battery. It is actually the clone of Nokia E72, N97 or E63 battery – BP4L type with 1500 mAh capacity which is easily available. Each battery can last more than 5 hrs.

In theory my iphone4 has uninterrupted supply of battery power if I bring along few pieces of BP4L type of Nokia battery.

My colleagues are always on a look out for power point to charge their iphone every now and then. I need not do it and yet have so much juice to spare easily last me the whole day.

It is better to get an optional desktop charger for the spare battery. I got it brand new from the flea market at Sungei Rd for only $8! It is cheap and reliable.

The whole package albeit thicker with the ibattz fits perfectly on a solid metal iphone holder which I blogged earlier in another post.

The Sitex show starts from 24 Nov 2011(Thu) to 27 Nov 2011(Sun) at Expo. You may just get another promotion offer of $88 like I did in the last PC show. Check it out.

I use the package with a Krusell Luna leather pouch. I am a fan of Krussell products from Sweden. It comes with 3 sizes. If use on this package it must be XXL – the biggest size . It fits nicely. It also gives added protection shield for the screen.

I had to order on line from ebay. Got it from Spain. They do not carry this XXL size here. Only the smaller sizes are available. I have searched every nook and cranny in Sg. I even asked Krusell Sg agent on their facebook. It’s a pity they don’t bring in. Stupid of them right? Those with extra battery pack will definitely need a much larger pouch. As simple as that.

Lastly, I use egrips on the ibattz battery cover as an icing for better grip. It will not slide off or slip away on smooth surface easily. I ordered from ebay US site. It is not available here.

Thus, the imperfection of a near perfect gadget is put to a perfection! The epitome of a legendary invention which impacted much of humanity can never be ignored.

I am now a satisfied iphone 4 user after having overcome it’s universally acknowledged battery problem.






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