Emperor Qián Lóng 乾隆

乾隆 Qián Lóng

Qianlong or Ch’ien-lung, emperor of the Qing dynasty, reigned sixty years (1735-1796)

乾隆皇帝解「夫」 字 太妙了!

唔,看到了吗中国人对文字创举是多么的深奥;单单一个’夫 ‘ 字便可有那么多的解析,难怪中文是那么的难学。。。



乾隆皇帝解「夫」 字 太妙了

「這是什麼人?」 張回答說:





「農夫是刨土之人,上寫土字,下加人字; 轎夫肩上扛竿,先寫人字,再加二根竹竿;孔老夫子 上通天文,下曉地理,這個夫字寫個天字出頭; 夫妻是兩個人,先寫二字,後加人字; 匹夫是指大丈夫,這個字先寫個大字,加一橫便是。 用法不同,寫法有別,不能混為一談啊。」




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  1. The above post documented a purported conversation between the Qing Emperor Qian Long and his Prime Minister. They were on a “walkabout” at Jiang Nan province when they saw farmers at work. The Emperor then comented on the different ways of writing or strokes of the Chinese character “夫” Fu. It basically meant “man”. It usually goes with another descriptive character eg farmer, husband & wife, rickshaw rider, scholar etc. Fu is the descriptive term of another occupation.

    With my limited Chinese language knowledge, I tried to render a direct translation of the above. It was not possible. I could only give a gist of it. My apology.

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