Special Chicken Curry


Many years ago when I was in my 30s, I would look for my “Bayi” friend when I got nothing to do. If he is not working, I would request him to cook my favourite “Bayi” special chicken curry.

With much glee and haste, he would virtually run to the wet market below his flat and source the ingredients including the freshly cut chicken to cook the curry specially for me. He would also get few french loafs to go with it.

The pot of special chicken curry and french loafs came with a price. I was supposed to bring a bottle of whisky – not brandy not wine. He loves Johnny Walker black label – his favourite whisky.

This time I told him not to cook first cuz he would usually prepare it by the time I drop by his place in the afternoon.

“Bayi, you wait for me. Don’t cook first. I’m coming over right now with pen and paper! I want to learn your secret recipe!”

“Alu – all my Bayi friends call me Alu which meant potato in Punjabi – No problem at all! Small matter! That will be two bottles of black label instead of one! Deal?”

KNN! Langgar! No choice lah!


Ingredients –
a) 8 red chillis, 7 big onions, 8 small onions, few garlics and some ginger
b) Cut pieces of chicken to be cleaned and washed thoroughly
c) Some sliced big and small onions
d) 8 potatoes sliced into 4 small pieces for each potato
e) 4 tomatoes sliced in similar manner with potatoes
f) Some parsley and spring onions to be cut into small pieces
g) 3 cloves and some sandlewood

Items in (a) to be grinded in blender and items in (b) to be seasoned in salt and yellow tumeric powder.

Steps –
a) Heat the wok with oil or ghee
b) Fry cloves and sandlewood with sliced big & small onions
c) After a few minutes, add items in (a) into wok and fry
d) Add 2 to 3 teaspoon of salt
e) Add one packet of masala chicken powder and fry them thoroughly
f) Add 4 spoons of salt
g) Add all the cut potatoes into the wok and fry them
h) After 5 to 8 minutes, add all the chicken into the wok and fry them
i) Keep adding water and stirring until sufficient curry gravy is formed
j) Cover up the wok and let it cook for some time
k) Once chicken is cooked and curry taste is desirable, add sliced tomatoes, cut parsley and spring onions just before turning off the flame.

Well I did not see any special about his curry. But I was quite addicted to it and I just couldn’t resist his special curry. I kept coming back.

Suddenly he took out some special spice from a special container and gingerly sprinkled on the hot freshly cooked curry. When I asked him, he said it is “kaskas”. It is banned here but you could buy it at any sundry shop in JB for just few ringgit!

Therein lies the secret to my Bayi friend’s special curry! Langgar!



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