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I am now at Genting Resort Hotel. I arrived here yesterday 17/11/11(Thu). I will leave on 19/11/11(Sat) afternoon for home.

I have been a regular visitor since 1996. I came here almost every year. Usually spent 2 nites. I used to drive here also. It is about 500 km from home.

I used to bring my son here during the school holidays. I would baby sit him for the whole day while his mother camped inside the casino. I never stepped into the casino then. He is now 12 yrs old and going on to Sec 1 next year.

I remember those days back then in the early 2000s. It was not so crowded and things were cheaper then. I bought a whole day in-door theme park ticket for children with unlimited rides & play from 9 am till midnite at only RM16. Now it is more than RM30 depending on whether you are a member or not.

My son liked the few activities in Genting Highlands. The baby pool is fantastic. It is warm water in this cold environment. He could play inside the warm water for hours.

We would watch at least a movie here depending on the types of movies available. If it was cartoon or children movies, I would watch with him. I was allowed to buy one ticket for us. He sat on my lap to watch. We would go to KFC or Macs for our meals. Like all children, he loved fast food.

Next, he was crazy over the “bump bump” car for children. He could play the whole day non-stop. Just queue up after every cycle with unlimited ride cycles. He just loved to langgar other cars – those little cars since he was quite skillful having mastered the art of driving it. Usually I would set a whole day for that game.

The last time I brought him there he told me that it would be his last time to ride those small bumper cars. He was growing up fast. He had to graduate to the “big people” section so he told me. He was quite sad. There is height restriction to enjoy this car ride even for children!

In between rides in the in-door theme park, we would go to the large video store at First World hotel to shop for his favourite cartoon VCDs like Power Rangers and Disney movies.

Here only my little old man and myself – nobody bothered us. It was our little world – me away from work and he away from school!

Usually I would bring him back to the hotel room for a little nap and continue later with our little adventure in the theme park and amusement game centre where I would play with him. I was his buddy throughout the day.

It was the only time we had. I would even bath for him. When he was much younger, I even fed him milk and changed his pampers! His mother would MIA leaving us alone together for the whole day. I usually ended up carrying him back to our room – tired, satisfied and asleep past mid night.

That bond with my son was established over the many trips I brought him there – sometimes 2 or 3 times per year. My parents never brought me to Genting Highlands or any place during the school holidays. I had to work instead for pocket money. I was never close to my old man. We were never close and it will never be.

I used to call my only son Mr George and he would call me Mr Alan! That was alright with me. Every now and then I would call him ‘Hey little old man’ and he would sometimes say “Yeah yeah I am your little old man!”

Yesterday and today, I just relaxed and enjoyed the natural fresh cool air. It is raining over the past few days. Read Wilbur Smith’s “Those In Peril”. I could have finished it easily. Only 400 odd pages. I did not want to finish it. Wilbur Smith’s new novel only comes out once in two years. I would rather read it slowly.

It is good to take a break at Genting Highlands. Just hop into a coach from Bedok Central in the morning and by afternoon I am here. No need to take a plane. No risks. Safe and sound. Cheap and good.

It is good to be back in Genting Highlands again.






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  1. TS Loh says:

    I am very touched by what you wrote about your son in your Genting Highlands post; clearly you love him dearly. The wonderful times you spent with him will surely be remembered by him as well and he will grow up to be a better person because of your fathering. I would like to share a poem in this blog post with you:

  2. Thank you for your comments. I really appreciate that. I also enjoy reading your blog. Cheers!

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