Nincompoop & Unlimited smses !


Time : 0040 hrs. I just came back after work taking the lift to my flat. I was quite tired and could not wait to get into bed.

My iphone sounded. Message just came in. I knew it must be him. Nobody except this guy staying few floors below me would sms me at odd ungodly hours! It must him. True enough. Reproduced here our smses …

He : “Datuk, I just got iPad2, where to get protection cover, screen protector and bag. Tks”

Me : “Go to Sim Lim Sq. Pay $20 nett for screen protector and the salesgirl will do for u. Look for the small stalls outside the shops! Sim Lim also got lots of cases. Go n slowly look ard. Quite cheap. Take ur time to ask ard. All can be done at SLS”

He : “Ok Tks. How much to expect for diff items. My daughter said apple shop selling the cover with flip stand”

Me : “If u go to apple, be prepared to get slaughtered! Go Sim Lim there are so many types n models with flipstand also! Pls download “Line” fm apps store so we can have free sms to each other!”

He : “All my plans come with student benefits, ie unlimited free SMS, unlimited data usage!”

Me : “The question is can u use it on ur ipad? I know only “Line” can be used on ipad. With “Line” u can send pics and many other things. To u it is free. What abt ur frens who dont have free sms? Have u thought of ur frens?”

He : “Most people have free incoming SMS anyway. I send free, so no charges. My daughter just mentioned to download IOS5 to enjoy free SMS”

Incoming smses are always free. Outgoing smses need to pay after the monthly free quota. He must be blind to this fact. He only knows that his is free either way!

You see some people just don’t get it. The message just can’t get through into their blocked head! I thought of telling him that IOS5 I-message on ipad, ipod or iphone only meant for version 5 above. The other party must also be an apple user of the same version 5 ie iphone, ipod or ipad just like the built-in FaceTime.

Whereas with “Line”, it not only can be used on an ipad but also on all IOS and Android platforms! It is free and much more powerful than the normal default built-in sms on our phones!

I did not want to waste my $0.05cts replying to him coz it would lead to a deluge of smses from him. I need to sleep at 1 am.

He is a nocturnal animal. I am not.

I have about 500 colleagues’ contacts – Train Officers only about 400 – and another almost 500 family’s, relatives’ and friends’ contacts. If I were to send one sms to each of them for that one month period, it will be about 1,000 sms which exceed the free 500 monthly quota given by SingTel amounting to $25! Remember just one sms to each of my contacts in a month only. $0.05cts per outgoing sms.

I ever replied to that neighbour with tons of copious smses when he kept asking me the same thing in many different creative ways! Either he didn’t understand or didn’t believe what I told him!

One example is that he asked me if GPS services need to pay? I told him no. He didn’t believe it. Then I quoted GPS gadgets mounted on cars. It got no SIM card so how to charge for GPS usage? Cornered, he decided that GPS on mobile phones need to pay whereas those stand alone GPS gadgets are free – need not pay!

Out of exasperation, I told him to check with his Telco. He said he is too lazy to do that!

He insisted that his friend was charged by a Telco for using GPS! Then it dawned on me that he might be refering to “GPRS” instead? He said no only after a momentarily hesitation. He might also have realised that but then he wanted “his face” so he “die die” or “mati mati” also must stick to the original story! Really Langgar!

Tons of outgoing smses replied/sent to him and still back to square one! In the meantime, he is relentlessly firing out his free unlimited smses at me without any due care or consideration, expecting me to vindicate his incorrect perception. Luckily, he was not armed with a mini-Uzi with unlimited supply of live rounds!

In his case, it is free and unlimited coz he is using his daughter’s student plan. Smart of him right? Intelligent guy!

My neighbour had no qualms of sometimes sending me smses at 2 am or 3 am. He presumed others are like him still awake. I would think twice before sending an sms at ungodly hours unless it is a life and death situation.

That neighbour is much older than me. Driving a big new car with a successful online based import & export business yet so naive!

If I happen to see him in the neighbourhood like lift lobby, void deck or carpark, he would reprimand me.

“Hey the other day I smsed you but you didn’t bother to reply!”

“So sorry I was sleeping”.

“But you can still reply when you woke up ma?”

“I did! You did not respond. It must be your turn to be sleeping!”

“Oh really?”

If you refer to my another blog – ‘They Walk Amongst Us!’ – he is one of the many such persons in our midst.

*Yep! They Walk Among Us!*

Sadly, not only do they walk among us, they reproduce and worst they vote also!!!

KNN ! Langgar The Tiang dah!



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