Iphone Holder – Solid Metal

Solid Metal Iphone Holder

I have always wonder why the iphone is not designed in such a way that I could just put it on the table and view it just like a notebook. I could then do other things whilst I view a short movie clip. The fact is that it is not designed to “stand” on its own. It needs something to support it so that I could view it at a comfortable angle without holding it on my hand.

Thus, began my quest for the elusive iphone stand. I managed to order a solid wood stand for my iPad online and made in Korea. My iPad stand problem is solved. I shall talk about that on another time. Now the iphone stand is something I will always look out for when ever I go on my fortnightly IT gadgets window shopping in Sim Lim Sq or Funan IT Mall or any other places where they sell electronics stuff.

I came across some so-called iphone stands in those popular IT outlets. But all of them are either too expensive or “langgar” designs. Some of the iphone back covers come with an extended lever acting as a stand. But I am using Ibattz removable battery pack on my iphone 4. They just cannot design something simple, cheap and reliable! Most of those I came across simply are “langgar tiang” types of so-called iphone stands.

Feeling rather despondent and walking aimlessly around East Point Shopping Centre at Simei during my break time, I stumbled into “Japan Home”! Lo and Behold ! I found my dream stand. It is solid, rust proof solid shiny stainless steel which fits comfortably on my iPhone 4 encased with my battery power enhancement pack. Pls refer to the photos. It could accommodate the normal and landscape view positions. I could even write and tap on it with my stylus to use my iphone. I always use a stylus to get access to and negotiate around my iphone screen – due to my fat oily fingers. It is so much faster and neater with a simple stylus costing less than $2! I always carry it with me.

Actually, the said dream stand for my iphone 4 is found in Japan Home’s DIY corner. Yes, I also love to look for DIY items when I go window shopping. The stand is actually meant as a hangar where it hinges on the top wooden door on one side and allows you to hang your clothing or anything for that matter on the side of the metal hinge. It costs only $1.90.

I have used it for the past 1 month. It is proven and I am very pleased to have found a gem – this solid iphone stand in a DIY hardware corner of Japan Home which does not have anything to do with iphone or iphone accessories. My euphoria of this epic discovery in my humble opinion necessitates me to announce it publicly. Not necessarily meant for iphone 4 only. It could be used for any phone so long as it fits. Just spend $1.90 to buy it and try it on your phone. If it doest not fit, then simply use it a clothes hanger – on your bedroom door. Just check it out.


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  1. Erica says:

    This is a great idea, but I live in the US and no Japan Home DIY here at all. But I’ll look for something similar at least. Thanks!

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