Fellowship of the Pipe

Fellowship of the Pipe

Sat Nov 5: Smoke & Lunch, Starbucks Orchard Point

I would like to utilise this space to capture the happy moments and memory we shared this morning. As stated above –

“Sat Nov 5: Smoke & Lunch, Starbucks Orchard Point 10am” –

concluded our 1st of 4 events organised by Dr Mike for our 3 German VIPs – namely Bodo, Heinz and Jeorg. It was a huge turn out. Nearly all our members came out in full force! I came along with Freddie who rushed down from his weekly breakfast cum gathering ritual at Tampines. We managed to arrive at the said place just past 10am. Freddie did not join us for lunch. He had to rush to another engagement. Nevertheless, he just came by to say hello to our pipe members esp the 3 German VIPs.

Allow me to express my profound respect and satisfaction in meeting Heinz! Just like Dr Mike and most of us except maybe Kamal, we had never met him before even though we communicated often in this forum. Heinz is always most encouraging and helpful whenever we post any thing here. He is the most patient admin & moderator here. Ever so supportive. As such, it is my utmost pleasure to shake his hands and warmly welcome him to our tiny little Singapore! Heinz told me that it is amazing that our friendship could sustain and blossom to this level where we in Sg – mainly English speaking pipe members – anchored onto this broad based German forum. He also expressed his immense satisfaction and was touched by the warmth he received viz a viz the 4 main events planned for them. I told him main credit should go to Dr Mike. Minor credits to us.

It is the 1st time we met Jeorg here. Unlike Heinz where we already had some cyber interaction or in his own words in “Facebook terms”, we already met in cyber space! We know little about Jeorg. Nevertheless, it is to our surprise that he could speak very good English. I sat next to him and chatted with him. One of our members asked if he is a “Catholic?” – maybe due to his wearing some talisman on his hand. To our surprise, he announced that he had no particular religious affliation. To him, all religions are the same. He believes in all religions and endeavour to learn from all of them so as in his own words, become a “good and better” person! Marvellous indeed. Unassuming and a soft spoken person. Nice meeting him indeed!

As for Bodo, we met many times already. Each time I am impressed by his friendliness and jovial aura which always seems to bring joy to all of us. I will always look forward to meet him whenever he is here in Sg.

At about 12 noon, all of us adjourned to a nearby Teochew restaurant for a Chinese lunch hosted by Dr Mike. It was a most satisfying lunch with all the famous Teochew delicacies. There was a freshly roasted suckling pig, cold crabs, fresh water steamed fish, black sauced marinated duck, mushrooms, desserts etc

Whilst the dishes were coming out, I took pictures with my iphone and uploaded immediately to my Facebook. Guess what? Heinz’s wife, Ulrike Schwarzkopf – in “Facebook terms” like “me” and even commented on them. It was 6 am in Germany when we were having lunch. I showed to Heinz my FB, he was most delighted and beaming with joy knowing that his wife was able to see what he was having for lunch. Thanks to the new social media – the world is getting smaller and truly becoming a global village! Pls click on the link below my name if you want to view those pictures. More pictures including the group picture will be uploaded once Alec Ee send me those photos taken by him.

We had so much to talk whilst we enjoyed the lunch. It seemed that there were endless topics of conversation to share and keep each other updated. It must be one of the longest lunches I ever had when it finally ended at about 2.15pm. We reluctantly shook hands again and agreed to meet up tomorrow for Event No: 2 ie Pulau Ubin tour. Unfortunately, I would not be joining them because I have to work tomorrow. 6th Nov Sun is Hari Raya Haji – public holiday for Muslims. Bodo was quite sad that I could not join them. I explained that I could not get off due to the public holiday. 90% of my colleagues are Muslims!

Pls watch this space for more updates coming up. Photos shall also be uploaded once they are ready! Such happy moments and wonderful memories with our German friends ought to be captured and documented here for posterity! Cheers !

Photos taken by Alec Ee with his Nikon camera.


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