The Sorcerer and the White Snake

Last night I watched Jet Li’s latest movie “The Sorcerer and the White Snake” 白蛇传 at Bugis Illuma. I have never been there even though I have passed by that ugly building with so many white bulbs many times.

White Snake is a timeless Chinese folklore enacted countless times on TV, movies or over radio. It is basically a fairy tale based on Chinese belief that there is another world besides our transient mortal world! There are fairies, gods, devils, demons etc on another world or dimension. So this white snake is supposedly 1,000 over years old. Living over such a long period, the white snake has acquired vast special powers. It is huge and powerful. The largest snake I ever seen on earth!

There are 2 snakes – white and green. Both sisters. The white snake is the elder sister when she saved a handsome young herbalist from drowning. Green snake played a trick on that young man by scaring him when he was on a cliff looking for herbs. He fell to the lake.

The elder sister jumpedinto the lake and saved him by mouth to mouth resuscitation. She then fell in love with him which led to them getting married and living together.

Jet Li plays a powerful monk whose job is to capture and get rid of evil demons out to cause havoc in the mortal world. Of course he does not approved of the illicit union between them. Humans are different from the demons.

I like the beautiful scenery and the special effects. The temple is set on a very beautiful picturesque mountain. Jet Li plays the middle aged abbot of the temple.

I was quite touched by the love between them. Or rather the 1,000 over years snake demon willing to sacrifice everything just to savour a few memorable moments with her human lover. She lost everything – her vast powers and ability to change to human form.

Overall it is not a bad film though not the best so far if compared to Jet Li’s other films.


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  1. Alec Ee says:

    The producers used Jet Li to sell the film. Anyone could have taken his part as all the fight scenes were faked with computerized animation. It reminds me of the old Chinese kung fu movies where light beams and rays were zapping everywhere. What a pitiful waste for Jet Li’s skill as a martial artist. Anyone could have done his part. I guess it’s money well spent if he can generate box office sales. As for his action scenes I guess Jet is laughing all the way to the bank. Alec


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